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  1. Great stuff. I've also gotten dug into ABC (with Barfly) and now have more than my handsful (pun not intended). Thanks again Leo!
  2. Thanks again! Yes, it is a C/G and I'll probably start with Irish tunes first since these are the most recognizable. Cheers, Robbie
  3. Excellent! Many thanks Leo. I'm just getting started and have wandered through the tune-o-tron page. As a result I'm picking up a bit of abc info and obviously need to know more. I 'played' the banjo for a few years (a long time ago in a different life), with limited success.
  4. My apologies for such a newbie question, but I've recently been pleasantly introduced to an Anglo 20 key and I'm slowly working my way through a couple of books that I rec'd as gifts. However, I'd also like to start working on a few more recognizable tunes. I'm specifically looking for 'The Fields of Athenry' but am interested in more traditional tunes such as 'Cockles and Mussels', etc. Is there a good source for concertina sheet music for these tunes that is suitable for Anglo 20 key? I've searched the archives here and have come up empty handed. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm extremely new at the concertina (days) and I am having a small problem holding my new concertina. This thread has been helpful to get me started, but I find that my right thumb can barely reach the air button (old rugby injury). Is the solution just to loosen the straps and learn to deal with it?
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