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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww- what a cute little squeezer! (couldn't find an emoticon for "goo-goo face")
  2. Less than a month before the death of my partner, he and I were hired to sing at a funeral- Byron played concertina and I sang, yes, Danny Boy. That, and Amazing Grace. We were surprised at how much we found we enjoyed Danny- it's been over-maudlin-ized but we managed to sing it in a way we loved. A month later we sang Amazing Grace at Byron's funeral, sans concertina. Now I find THAT song incredibly difficult to sing!
  3. Have a great time, Rhomylly and everybody! Let us know how it goes!
  4. It's good to have you back, Alan! Actually, the last session I played at was at the George last August! I'm just far enough away to have no good access to any session. So every now and then I gather friends together, but it's not regular enough for me.
  5. Welcome, Woody! You're likely to find this site a source for useful information, helpful advice, friendly banter, and more than you ever thought you'd want or need to know about the sqeeze box!
  6. I don't know, David; I still hear the song as 6/8, with an almost sean nos (An Irish style of singing) lilt to it, with a fermata-ish hold at the ends of phrases. Having said that, kudos to David for taking the time to work this out- it definitely works in the 5/4 notation as well, at least as I hear it. And Wendy, congratulations to you for making such a sweet song that has made such an impression to all of us!
  7. Ah, Morgana, I could have written the identical post! Maybe it's the time of year here in the frozen north, with Spring on the calendar but cold and snow still in reality. Maybe I'm going through a dormant phase and am getting ready to burst forth with new inspiration. But I'm finding it hard to get that box out as often as I think I should, and as much as I love playing it when I finally do, it's really hard to get motivated. I feel as though I'm playing in a vacuum, and find myself longing for people to play with. There are sessions within 50 miles of where I live, but they're at awkward times, and the only ones I know of are Irish sessions, where I can't keep up so end up just listening or playing root notes when I can find them. So, I try to play on my own, but let me tell you how much I'm looking forward to the Northeast Concertina Workshop in a few weeks!
  8. M, I will admit I was a bit surprised, considering the amount of research she did, what little product was actually required to reflect it. The poster did have a lot more detailed information, with photos, side bars, and yes, much more about patents in general and Faas in particular. Speaking as an educator in the US, I believe the trend to get inventive like this is to try to spark some creativity in these young minds. Instead of churning out paper after paper (5 pages, double-spaced), there's an attempt to generate some alternative, original thinking. They still have to show the 3 X 5 cards with the research documented, and yes, they get credit for creativity, too.
  9. But how fun to be playing with an Irish musician, however you end up pronouncing the name! Have fun, Rhomylly, and let us know how it goes!
  10. I have some friends who always bring their giant - a goddess (Morwen? not sure of the name at the moment) . Look for a huge giant puppet woman in black, attended by ravens. I wish I could be there!
  11. Add another vote for the "totally ignore" category- I have two cats- one ignores, one pretends not to care and walks away in a dignified manner!
  12. As you will see when you read on, this is still on the topic of concertinas! Turns out, the assignment was to write a song or poem on the subject of the inventor. Here's the DD's composition: THE EPIC SAGA OF THE GREAT AND MIGHTY ACCORDION In eighteen-twenty-two in Germany A man named Friedrich Buschmann Patented the hand-aeoline, Which was a little box-thing Comprised of bellows and a keyboard Which one squeezed to make a sound— Something quite akin to music, As his audiences found! The year was eighteen-twenty-nine, And in fair Vienna-town, A Mr. Cyrillus Damian Got a patent of his own. He called it the accordion, And, like that German fellow’s, There was a keyboard on one side. The other hand worked the bellows. (And we must mention Charles Wheatstone, Who, in eighteen-forty-four, Patented the concertina, But of this I’ll say no more.) Let us proceed to the U.S.A., In early eighteen-fifty-four, On the thirteenth of January, In fair Philadelphia. Anthony Faas had a vision Of a new accordion. He’d changed the sound and keyboard And the patent he had won! Never before this winter day Had an American Gained a patent for this instrument. Well, there’s a first for everything! Faas’ improvements did not survive And are not used today, But the accordion is still revered As a worthy instrument to play!
  13. What's that in the crook of Lady Liberty's arm? Begod, it's a concertina!!
  14. Oops- how embarrassing!! I did a search, really I did! And the results this time are quite different than last time! But I'm sorry to be so repetitive!
  15. Larry, that is gorgeous, but it must weigh a few pounds! I like yours, Peter, - does it roll around a lot? Edited to add, enjoy your Marcus, Phil! I loved mine- but yes, you will need a good case!
  16. Strangely enough, absolutely nothing. I'm actually looking around for somethin' to do Friday night! My duo buddy will be in NYC going to the Celtic Women concert, and I'm high and dry.
  17. This is sounding more and more fun! When I first signed up, I assumed I was only signing on for the day. Now that I'm aware of so much more, I've gotten in touch with a family friend in Amherst and will try to come to all the fun'n'games!
  18. Could you make us a recording of an example, Wendy? I'm inclined to agree with Boney- I arrange lots of music for my women's chorus, and many's the time I write and rewrite, trying to get the meter straight. The only traditional music that I know of that's frequently 5/4 is Balkan!
  19. Interesting, but probably too expensive for my budget. Of course, the Red Roof Inn is too expensive for my budget these days!
  20. There have been several threads where paintings and sculptures have been mentioned, but I can't find one dedicated to art. I've just found this painting by Sean Keating. Others?
  21. More smiles for Rhomylly And, just to make an on-topic contribution- I don't know for certain what I'd do with a bass anglo, but I'd sure love one!
  22. We're just lifting glass after glass around here! Chris and Anne, many warm wishes as you celebrate 30 years!
  23. Add my raised glass to the Bluemont toast! My team, the Harrisville Morris Women, always rented a van and drove down to the ale, but as it always fell on my son's birthday weekend, I was waiting a few more years until he's well and truly launched, looking forward to the day I could go. I believe Bluemont came to our Coming-of-Age ale here in NH, when it snowed on May 17th! Northern hospitality, doncha know!
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