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  1. I'm selling my lovely 36-button Norman G/D Standard. Sadly it's not getting much playing these days and I could use the money. I've listed it on eBay but if you want to buy it through this site I'll knock off £160 (making it £1815) because of the saving on Ebay fees and I'll donate the rest of the difference towards the running of Concertina.net. Payment by Paypal or bank transfer please. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Norman-36-button-G-D-Metal-ended-Anglo-Concertina-Standard-/381480588624
  2. Hmmm - note to self! Start collecting non-sequential notes in a variety of currencies in preparation for next year in the hope of persuading Mr T to be bit a bit <ahem> flexible
  3. A common mistake Irene & only resolvable by the application of the appropriate postage. With the escalation of stamp prices in recent times few can afford the fee so this trap has become ever more deadly year on year. We can only hope that plans for a museum go ahead reducing the escape charge to something that can reasonably fit onto a credit card.
  4. "It's just a matter of keeping a clear head to find a way through the confusion." Ah! In that case I stood no chance at all
  5. And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down - We're captive on the carousel of time. We can't return, we can only look Behind from where we came And go round and round and round In the Piccadilly Circle game. It's confusing, all this going round in circles, but it has occurred to me that, with Edgar's Sore Point eliminated - he is responding to treatment in Paddington Hospital - that leaves the diagonal open for a sling-shot out of the Circle Line and straight to Mornington Crescent Mr Chairman, I'm sure that you will confirm the validity of the move. Gggaaahhhhgggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You beat me to it. I was too busy dusting the trophy cabinet with dreams of winning again! Well played sir and well deserved. A fine move and a step up in quality from the agricultural play produced by some other participants (you know who you are! ). I told Samantha about it and she didn't know what to say, though she's out on a date with her new beau later so maybe he'll rise to the occasion?
  6. In that case I will go to North Ealing instead of the other one. Well - while it's nice to take the scenic route I think that this game has gone on long enough, so let's kick things up a gear to..... South Kensington
  7. Nice try but you're fooling nobody - "further lateral moves" my bottom!!! That move leaves you one diagonal from Mornington Crescent!...... unless of course some ignorant git "accidentally" blocks you by playing Latimer Road
  8. ...and of course 7b (amendment 5(i), Helsinki '74) "the Gibraltar anomaly" results in Spanish diagonals being wild for moves originating from fictional and mythic stations on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Spring months with an "R" in but no double full moon (unless of course, for reason's unknown, you happen to be a Dutch woman).
  9. In that case I will have to invoke Harrington's bike shelter shame. This, as we all know, commemorates Professor Harvey Harrington's highly embarrassing misinterpretation of Professor Mary Smythes attempts to explain the Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The exact chain of events that started with an exploration of non-collapsing wave-forms and ended with Harrington handcuffed to the said bike shelter sans son pantalon have never been established. Certainly his claim that he was transported through a series of parallel universes seems unlikely. However, within the rules of Mornington Crescent it does permit one to take a diversion through parallel planes so I'll be off to Hobbs End which featured in Quatermass & The Pit and hence is obviously real somewhere in the multiverse.
  10. Hmmm - we seem to have slipped seamlessly from puns to shapes, in which case I'm compelled to go to the Oval
  11. On a closely related note let's go shopping down "The Blue" which 250 years ago was the Green until London sprawled all over it. To get there we need to go to Bermondsey
  12. Yes - but some of the moves are a bit Hackney[/size]-ed (overground) for my taste We were all the while longing for the likes of you to get us underground again... Ah yes - indoors, in the shadows, underground - the natural habitat of the MC player. See them squirm when they are dragged, unsuspecting, into the harsh light of day.
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