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    Professional Bandonion & Concertina Maker (Artigian company)<br /><br />Maker of :<br />Accordion reed type English 48 tone treble, baritone , 30 tone Anglo Jeffries/Wheatstone lay out .<br />Traditional 142 tone Bandonion<br />Bandonion Hybrid <br />Belgium Footbass<br />Collectioner of bandonion and related items<br />

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  1. Hi, For the full range 144 tone- as well as the smaller ranged 128 tone "Einheits" lay out bandonion there are two types of tutors According number notation system Notes + number notation starts with scales: a,d,g,e (easier fingering positions for basic chords) Enables fast learning of simple melodies low to medium level start, but you'll remain a musical analphabetic for long period of time. Bandonion number notation system tutors do not aim for learning to play according normal music notes later Requires adding numbers to the notes yourself before playing. Note-number converto
  2. According the pictures which unfortunately do not show much details , I do not think it was made before 1900 The type of ELA- air valve shield used on this concertina dates about 1925 but may have been changed. Best first fast-check if the lay out is not transposed. At a standard lay out "A" tuned concertina the button with embossed nr. 2 pulled should produce the tone a (regardsless left or right side) Some buttons on the Hader lay out differ from the standard Carlsfelder lay out. Since I do not have a scanner I can only send an original lay out by fax. If you are interested in t
  3. Hi Mark, I have 2 (28 tone) Tanzbaers withand about 20 rolls , most of them readable. If you mail me your numbers between 1024 and 1585 Maybe I can add a title to some of your numbers. I have also have list from tanzbaer maker Alois Blueml from Grassau Germany ( contact by Fax +49 8641598964 ) who also made copies of some vintage rolls starting with nr. 0000 Title "The Bleu Danube" ( An der Schoenen Blauen Donau ) which seems to be the first one. Let me know if there's a problem with language, I could ask him for you. Regards Harry (www.bandoneon.com)
  4. Dear list members, We produced the "Geuns-Wakker" concertinas during our joint venture with the "Concertina-Connection" Although the Concertina Connection recently has moved to the USA , we still are producing Anglo- , English treble - as well as Baritone concertinas at the brand name "Geuns Concertinas Belgium". Regards Harry Geuns Bandonion & Concertina Maker
  5. The price indication I gave is for a hand made traditional ( bandonion) sound instrument, comparable with our hand made Gabla Hybrid with traditional reed plates in zinc.(basic price USD 5,850.- ) The low priced c-system hybrid model with accordion type reeds in double voice octave tuning is made in China exclusive for us at our detailed specifications. (USD 835.- ) A set of traditional reed plates in zinc only costs over this much. Having a Hayden/Wicky lay out bandonion produced in China as well means a monthly order of 30 pc's a month for us. Anyone interested in a low prised Ha
  6. Hi Jack , Brian, Since this is a new product in still in developement we cannot give a fixed price already. Our bi sonoric bandonions currently cost Euro 4400 A new model Hayden/Wicky lay out bandonion with traditional zinc reed plates would cost somewhere between 4400 and 4800 for a standard featured model. We cannot start a production below 10 serious orders for the Wicky/Hayden model. Regards Harry Geuns Bandonion & Concertina Maker
  7. Dear list members, The left hand's keyboard direction for a new Hayden/Wicky lay out bandonion will depend on the demand. We prefer a logical paralel left- and right hand keyboard in order to allowe identical fingering positions, just like we did with the Gabla Hybrid C-/B- system bandonion already ( check picture below ). (low priced version of the hybrid bandonion) accordion type reeds (top model Gabla hybrid full range) traditional long reed plates in
  8. We as bandonion & concertina maker wonder if there would be some interest in bass concertinas the idea would be to produce a special limited production of 48 tone English double action bass. Regards Harry Geuns Bandonion & Concertina Maker
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