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  1. Heres the only concertina based picture i have - its a stagi that one of my old girlfreinds let me borow when i developed an interest in them, may i say i dont know much about the standards but this was horible! the low notes were so slow to sound its like they had lagg maybe it was just a bad model cos i played the stagi with metal plates and it worked ok
  2. ah yes, i did notice there was more space between the buttons and the edges of the concertina than there is on most models, il just stick with what handstraps im given. All this talk has sort of distracted me of the actual playing of the inhstrument! When i tryed anglos before i could only describe the key layout as freindly, it was like you couldent play a wrong note it all sort of blended in. I couldent get to grips with the unisonic english models though, anglo is mroe like my melodeon. as for the papers, theyre only £5 i could just stick them on with blue tack to see if i like the look and then permanantly fixate them if i did like it. I did like the thread on designing your own papers aswell, as im an art student I have acess to some rather nice printers in my college and could quite easily draw scan replecate and print some papers if i found a similar type of paper. Thank you very much for shareing your concertiknolege!
  3. wim wakker! how would i contact him? I mean, can i simply email him on the concertina conexion? or are there means on concertina.net? Btw this is the site that sells the papers in question, (i could also get some jefries handstraps with a curly pattern on maybe?) http://www.concertina-spares.com/ If no one has thourght of this before i would be very suprised. buying beginer models and makeing them look like the top brands
  4. a german one eh? i have read that these were so poor quality that they are rare to find as most of them fell apart or something (though i suspect they are rare because... no one wants them) LOL thanks for the help
  5. Ah well thank you, in a way im glad the rochelle is the best as it seems to be the one designed by someone who realy knows concertinas, thanks for your help FYI: i was thinking of buying some fancy jefries belows papers on a site i found and sticking them on to make it look pretty aswell! (i supose i should find out what is a suitable glue to use for that tho (wouldent want to get the bellows all glued up) but thank you very much for your help
  6. ---+{ Jakes Concertina Conundrum }+--- Hello, I have been thinking of buying a concertina for my birthday. I alredy play the melodeon and would like to continue playing it but the concertina has always interested me, the system i would prefer is anglo (30 button model) as it is similar to the melodeon I find the hand strap comfortable and i happen to favour irish music. I also do try to interest my brother in musical instruments as he just plays compeuter games the whole time... no good that! aanyway enough of my stories I have narowed it down to the folowing instruments and would like to know if anyone would advise any of these concertinas and would advise any or have read particularly good or bad reveiws about any of them. Here they are: 1 http://www.hobgoblin.com/local/bigpic.php?ID=GR4703 2 http://www.hobgoblin.com/local/bigpic.php?ID=GR4714 3 http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/produ...roducts_id/3357 4 (a bit of a wild card this) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/old-concertina-in-a-...VQQcmdZViewItem note number 4 is certanly not a lachenal and has accordion type reeds mounted together flat on 1 big plate, also it aparently wheeses. I have played the stagi with metal ends in a shop and liked it! Sooooooo, has anyone ever tryed or heard good or bad of any of these? any help would be much apriciated! thank you for reading my post edit: the rochele looks promising as it does say "the best beginers anglo concertina in its class" but i also enjoyed playing the stagi, the conundrum continues!
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