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  1. Many thanks, Alex. That settles it then, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not in the running for a Bb/F instrument. I shall keep watching it though, just to see how much it sells for.
  2. Thanks for the replies! It all sounds a bit risky to me. I expect someone will pay an extortionate price for this concertina, but it won't be me. I'll keep my money for the time being
  3. Another Jeffries has appeared on eBay. Frustratingly the seller does not know what key it is, or what the reeds are like. I am dubious about asking someone (who almost certainly doesn't know what they're doing) to remove the ends and reed pan anyway. Do you think this is legit. and any clues about what key it might be in? Link is here: Jeffries anglo on eBay Cheers, Steve
  4. There are these hard cases - flight cases - offered on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-CONCERTINA-METAL...oQQcmdZViewItem
  5. The Concertina Connection's website appears to be down. Accessing the URL ... http://www.concertinaconnection.com/ ... takes you to a Dutch ISP home page. I wonder whether CC are working on a new website, following their move to the US. Anyone know anything? Thanks, Steve Edit: a couple of days after posting.... The website appears to be up and running normally again.
  6. Ah Steve, Steve, Steve - an easy mistake to make. You're forgetting the J.R. Hartley addendum of 2007 - A.K.A. the "Big slap in the face with a wet fish addendum" - that establishes the principle that non-contiguous zonal multi-dimensional moves can be permitted if undertaken using the short cut of a transformation through a M-brane threshold whilst repeatedly beating yourself with a fresh water fish that you caught yourself. Good point about the sky though so I'm off to Westminster - handy for the Cabinet War Rooms underground bunker. Oh sod it, that's what comes of buying cheap rule books on eBay. You're right. I've just looked it up in my neighbour's copy. But just out of interest, doesn't the smell get you down after a while? Though on second thoughts, at least you are fairly sure of getting a seat.
  7. But, but, but..... In the Patchkovsky Amendment (revised edition 2006), it clearly states in the introductory preamble (p. xi, para.1.21) that simultaneous moves to non-contiguous travel zones are not allowed and in fact, are highly dangerous (something to do with non-linear time-warp dismogrification, I think - perhaps the sky will fall in). The non-contiguity of Paddington and Wimbledon is bad enough, but goodness knows what travel zone Paris is in, but I know I couldn't afford to go there. I think you will find you are now well and truly in Nidd. Meanwhile (to take advantage of a possible quick escape via GNER to Newcastle in the event of a sky collapse) I will retreat to... King's Cross
  8. All this fresh air and heights - too vertiginous for me. I shall scuttle back over the bridge to ..... Waterloo.
  9. I see this is back on Ebay again! No. 130169393719 This time the seller is asking £750 on a 'buy it now' only option. Cloud cuckoo land, if you ask me. I thought Neil Wayne bought this a couple of weeks ago. He must have returned it to the seller - perhaps it didn't have reeds in!
  10. Whoops! Replied in error. Sorry. (Don't know how to delete a post entirely)
  11. Nice! This is a variant of the Northumbrian tune "Go to Berwick Johnny".
  12. I contacted the seller as I wanted to know about what the concertina looked like inside. He had previously stated that he'd opened it up to check on the serial numbers stamped inside for another inquirer. I was concerned whether or not there were actually reeds in the concertina, seeing as how none of the buttons appear to produce any sound at all. It's not unknown for reeds to be scavenged from old instruments otherwise beyond repair and reused in another instrument as a rebuild. I also mentioned that I thought that £1500 (dropped from £3000!) was considerably over-priced for an instrument of this age, calibre and condition. I was polite in my query, but all I received back was an abusive e-mail from the seller, the main thrust of which was "f***k off tw*t". So I guess that shows the seller up in his true light. I haven't bothered to respond further.
  13. I find this to be confusing. By definition a semitone is split up into 100 cents. So how does 5.2 cents become 20% of a semitone? I guess what was meant was a 20th of a semitone.
  14. I've never heard of this before. My Marcus never had any sponge material behind the ends. My feeling would be to keep it out.
  15. I will be there helping out as a steward for some of the time and also helping Maggie Moore with the would-be melodeon players. Please don't knock them. For some people it is their very first contact ever with traditional instruments and you never know quite where things might lead for them. We might get a nine-year old who comes to try out a melodeon and who knows - he might become another John Kirkpatrick in the future. Anyway, don't forget to say hello and introduce yourselves!
  16. No timetable published yet, but more details available here: http://www.eatmt.org.uk/traditional_music_day.htm There are usually many things going on simultaneously across the museum site, so choosing which one to attend can be a bit difficult sometimes! I've been to this event for the past few years and it's always a great day out.
  17. Hi Pip, Nice to see you've made it here too! I hope you find the right concertina for you. Don't give up on the old melodeon though, will you. See you at M@Witney this year perhaps? Steve
  18. Arrangements for Barry's funeral *********** BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE *********** On 19/04/2007 at 12:16 wayne and Jo davis <wayneandjo_davis@yahoo.com> wrote: > > >Barry's funeral will be held on Wednesday 25th April >at 1.15 at Grenoside Crematorium, Sheffiled. This >will be followed by a celebration of his life to be >held from 2.00 at Thundercliffe Grange, Rotherham. > >We are conscious that so very many people loved Barry >but are aware that the chapel only holds 120 people. >We would ask you to to consider whether you wish to >attend the ceremony or could go directly to >Thundercliffe. > >We'd like you to dress in the way Barry would expect >you to, something that would be fitting for a very >colourful man! > >Rather than flowers, we'd be grateful if you would >make a donation in Barry's name to the English Folk >Dance and Song Society. You can do this directly or >via Wood Funeral service, 848 Eccleshall Rd, Sheffield >S11 8TP. > >For those of you who are musicians, please bring along >your instruments to Thundercliffe. > >Addresses for both the crematorium and Thundercliffe >are as follows; > >Grenoside Crematorium >Sheffield >S35 8RZ > >Thundercliffe Grange >Grange Lane >Rotherham > >If you require any additional information, you can >contact us by email at this address. *********** END FORWARDED MESSAGE ***********
  19. Thank you for posting this, Mark. Barry was a friend of mine too and as well as at sessions and festivals, we played together a lot as musicians in the early years of the Sheffield-based womens' dance team 'Lizzie Dripping'. I was saddened and shocked to learn of his death. Please keep Linda in all of our thoughts. Steve
  20. Hi to Everyone again! Many thanks for the welcome and the kind (and rude! ) comments. It is nice to read some posts from some of my friends on here too. Glad I'm not the only one who seems mad enough to play both Anglo and English systems! Brian - funny you should say that. I was thinking of giving you a call! Dave Elliott - Hi! Yes, it is me you are thinking of - musician for Lizzie Dripping. Have been busy with East Anglian melodeon players these last few days, but back in circulation in Sheffield now. Cheers, Steve
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