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  1. I also have one of Dana's excellent instruments and love it. The buttons are ergonomically very comfortable for me. He's very helpful with answering questions and sorting out any problems. His website is out of date. He is most definitely taking orders and building wonderful, reasonably priced concertinas. Highly recommended! Lmc
  2. I am so happy you are enjoying it. I definitely found a good home! Leonor
  3. Stagi has sold, contribution will be made. Thanks! lmc
  4. Hi emer - I am in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. Leonor
  5. The Deluxe Model Anglo Concertina Features: Engraved raised stainless steep ends, ebony sawn veneers on beech frames. Handmade black leather 7 fold bellows, with Jeffries traditional bellows papers, with a Wheatstone layout. Italian steel reeds, key of C/G. Comes with a hard black case.You can see the model of this concertina here: The instrument is a Marcus Deluxe. You can see the model at this website: http://www.marcusmusic.co.uk/concertinas.html I am asking $1800 (US). Instrument is in great condition. Marcus has been SOLD! Thanks to all who inquired. Donation will be made. Fair Haired Boy Marcus 2.mp3 I have attached a sound file in case anyone wants to listen to the Marcus being played.
  6. I am selling a mini Stagi, pretty much new, bellows not even broken in. I have played it less than a dozen times. I am an Anglo player and it is lunacy to waste my time trying to figure out this system! Mine is Mahogany and comes with a GREAT hard case that fits it perfectly, and has a key. These tiny concertinas have a pretty big sound. concertina is in excellent like new condition, as I said, bellows not even broken in. it comes with hard the case. I am asking $350 and buyer pays shipping. I have attached a photos of the concertina I am selling and can send more if anyone wants to see more photos. Leonor below is description from House of Musical Traditions: 18-button English mini concertina 1.5 pounds, hexagonal, white plastic buttons, quality leather bellows have 10 folds in 2 sections of 5 each. Leather thumbstraps, and the same pinky straps on the other side. (instead of the metal pinky rest found on larger models) Two styles: mahogany with dark brown bellows or black finish with black bellows. Featherweight and real cute, it's a great street performer's instrument. People are always amazed at the music you can make on this little squeezebox, because they think it's a toy instead of a real instrument. It's almost like a "button pennywhistle" with 2 sharps and 1 flat, not quite fully chromatic like its big brothers; it is missing only G# and Eb. Plays in C, G, D, F, and the relative minors and Irish modal scales over a range of almost 2 octaves, from C to B. Very nice tone, quite loud despite its size. Case not included. This is a very popular item; we don't always have both colors in stock. Please indicate whether you are able to wait for your preferred selection, or whether we should just send whatever we have in stock now. $569.00 Choose color:"
  7. What is your asking price? leonor
  8. Hello, I am selling a hardly played Jack with gig bag and tutor. I am a confirmed Anglo player and never really did get the hang of the English system. It has been played very little and probably the bellows are not even broken in. I have had it for a couple for years, but mostly in its bag, in its box. I am in the Washington DC area. I will try to attach a photo, though a sound file would be tough since I REALLY don't play it. I can also email anyone more photos if they wish. This was purchased from the Button Box and is made by Concertina Connection, below is the info that Button Box has for this instrument: Concertina Connection's Jack/Jackie 30-key with a 2-½ octave range. Fully chromatic. Black celluloid finish, white plastic buttons, 6-fold bellows. Outfit includes a soft case and a tutor written specially for this instrument. Available in baritone (Jack) and treble (Jackie) ranges. If you are interested, please email me at lmchaves@verizon.net. Thanks, Leonor
  9. I also recommend Dana Johnson. He is a wonderful teacher, and knows a LOT about the instrument. He does currently teach and makes concertinas. Well worth the drive from Virginia. lmc
  10. Hi Joyce, I have sent you a PM. lmc
  11. Another option to consider if you can't ride with someone, is getting from La Guardia to Port Authority and taking the bus (Greyhound I think) up to Cairo,NY which is 7 or 10 miles from East Durham. I had checked into this and someone form Gavin's offered to pick me up for $10 in Cairo. Good luck, and I'll see you there! lmc
  12. I am also learning the AC for about 2 1/2 years now. I came to it because I was fascinated with the instrument, not particularly because of ITM. I have no background in ITM, didn't grow up listening to it and came to it very late. Having said all that, I am enjoying learning the tunes immensely, even though I know I regularly butcher them, I still enjoy them. I don't hear the hidden note, or the differing rhythms, and can't really always tell the difference between a hornpipe and a reel (horrors!) but the enjoyment that I am getting from learning is way more than the frustration from the difficulty. I am hooked and delighted to be learning ITM alongside my beloved concertina. Leonor
  13. How funny!! This is a great thread because my female schnauzer ( but not the male) goes into full howling mode when I play my anglo, and in particular, Constant Billy. She doesn't seem to mind the single note tunes but as soon as chords are used she seems to either sing along or howl in pain along. But it is Constant Billy that reliably sets her off. And not only makes her howl, but somehow makes her butt become terribly itchy all of the sudden...and she has to worry it and drag herself around, no she does not have worms and only does this to Constant Billy...Do you think Constant Billy played on an Anglo can set off the annal glands in a dog? It does make practicing a little bit of a challenge...and no, I don't think she is per se commenting on my playing (although, I am sure it leaves much to be desired, that's why I practice when the family is away and I am in the company of my supposedly devoted canines). So glad to hear I am not alone, but the butt thing, I guess that's a little different. Maybe a certain frequency vibrates something that gives her an itch? Weird. lmc
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