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  1. After waiting almost 2 years I got a  new  Suttner anglo concertina CG Banner model the beginning of December 2020

    All was well until last week.When I pressed the left upper row C#/D# all I heard was a muffled , out of tune noise. The concertina has not been dropped or otherwise mistreated. I'm guessing a problem with the reed? No one near who can fix this. I live in Northern New England USA so nearest option is The Button Box in Massachusets - a 8 hour round trip drive. I'm uncomfortable mailing the instrument in the winter weather .

    My question is whether I risk causing more damage or problems if I continue to play the other buttons until I can get this repaired?          


    1. PaddyLosty


      Hello, this is a pretty normal issue that you're bound to run into again, and is easily fixed. Just take the end off, slide the reed out of its dovetail position, then slide it back in place. That should be enough to solve the issue. Its likely due to the change in humidity with the cold weather. 


      Hope that helps.

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  2. Hi Patrick,


    I have recently come back from 6 weeks living in east Clare (Tulla) and studying concertina with Mary MacNamara.  I am a retired music teacher that has come late to Irish trad but am now deeply involved in it.


     I  have never really done any research but currently am obsessed with the influence of the concertina player from Feakle, John Naughton.  As you know he was a big influence on musicians such as Mary MacNamara, Martin Hayes and Christy MacNamara.   


    It is amazing to me that this man, who really had no commercial recording or "original" tune has had such an impact on music of this area. You find many tunes recorded with just the name John Naughton as the title.


    I am currently searching out recordings of his and any information about the man on the internet but am finding it difficult.  I have been transcribing some of the recordings I have found.


    I went to the local Arts counsel to discuss possible grants that might help with my research.


    You sound like the man to help me out.  any ideas or suggestions will help.



    Doug Barr

    1. PaddyLosty


      Hey Doug


      I'm very interested in the research you're discussing here. I'm a huge fan of Mary's, her playing is what brought me to the concertina, being primarily a fiddle player. I spent some time in Feakle in 2017 but didn't turn up many musicians at the time. I did enjoy some good meals at Peppers, and some nice walks in the area. I spent an afternoon with Mary and enjoyed some lessons with her. I would like to go back and make a more concerted effort to study Naughton, O'Malley and Joe Bane next time. I hear a lot of the same influence in Pat O'Connor's fiddle playing, maybe to a stronger degree than Martin Hayes'  more recent music. Pat to my ear is more akin to P. Joe. Patrick Ourceau here in Canada was one of my fiddle teachers, and he is also a great source of knowledge of these players. 


      Take care,

      Patrick Brandon Gidley

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