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  1. An amatory and by no means derogatory (the state of fascist crapp-ism in my country exceeds imagination) serenade for the waning times of my fatherland's usurper rule. May he soon be taken to his Creator's bosom. Thou stronghold of the alt-right provenance thou sex bomb of the collaborationist troops there isn't in the world a man manly enough who could conquer thee. Helga, why have I met you ever in my life? Helga, gimme back my virginity! Helga, there's not a match for you in the third Reich Helga, thy beauty frightens me. When you cock my Luger the bolsheviks capitulate you raise thy right hand: Mit uns ist Gott, Heil Führer, Sieg! Helga, for one passionate hour of bonking Helga, to hold you passionately Helga, I would eat a pound of your dung Helga, I'd go to Stalingrad and die. Thy pedigree assures the triumph or our better white race, so that our descendants may see times of racial purity. Helga, let me rip your pantyhose Helga, let me concieve life under your heart, Helga, for the fatherland and for our sacred nation, Helga, you will give me a dozen of children.
  2. Thank you Simon, you did a wonderful transcription.
  3. I've been ruminating this promising tune for the last two months. It's from Pinocchio movie (2019). Can anybody help with the arrangement? t'
  4. This is a lovely tune. I have difficulties with playing the G key in a C row, so I experimented with playing it in the G row.
  5. I'm selling another instrument like this. The bellow is tight, the buttons pressing is smooth. Ideal for someone who only plays occasional Happy birthday song 😀100€ + sending costs.
  6. That's interesting. It is true that there is a lot of commonly believed and beloved BS in circulation. Thank you.
  7. I'm told this music is from Pergolesi, but I can't find which exactly. Can anybody help?
  8. Does anyone know what this is? How is the button layout? Is it worth giving it a try? If it is, why is the price so low? https://www.ebay.de/itm/393557462734?hash=item5ba1da4ece:g:2wAAAOSwb6phN3u8
  9. In this forum I bought my beloved MELODINA. I believe it deserves to be classified as a "special" piece. I held in my hands different instruments and then sold them. When I first put my hands on this one, I knew immediately it stays with me until the day I die.
  10. Me too. It was terrible. This box is only good if you never learn anything, so to say if you have a "eternal beginner syndrome".
  11. This beauty has found a new home. Additional cost have arousen at the customs (thans brexit!) and some repairs and adjustments had to be made. I would like to thank the seller Philip Ives to have split these unexpected costs with me. I am more than happy with this beauty. The good thing is that in the workshop in which I until now had my instruments repaired- they weren't up to the task and I found another repairer. See his internet page: http://www.kaps-harmonika.com/si/ He's a real master and from now on, I intend to be his customer. Now I am a proud owner of two high end- concertinas, well the first is Irish concertina company concertina and the second is melodina made by Stéphane Le Lan. Let the Christmas begin!
  12. Good. The most reliable way to keep in touch with me is e-mail: gregor.markic@gmail.com. This mail is also my Pay-pal reference. This Swan concertina should suffice for a beginner for a year or two. Later an upgrade is sensible. An experienced player told me once: an instrument superior to your abilities will teach you a lot, if it is inferior you will learn nothing new. It took me some time to realise how right he was.
  13. Yes, I can ship it to the US. It's around 50€. Not much more than to EU.
  14. 1 year old. As new. Reason for selling: I became an advanced player. 700 €. I will pay the shipping cost - within EU.
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