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  1. Short video of me playing concertina on the back porch. Mike camptown_hornpipe.mov
  2. Hi Alan, I have timing issues. On the piano...some of this issue is related to a lack of proficiency...a small delay here and there as I hunt for a note. Some of it may be "expression". On the banjo...my timing is pretty good. I think this is because the right-hand clawhammer motion is pretty consistent. And I have practiced a lot with a metronome. Even so, I think I have a bit of a gallup. On the concertina...my timing is not quite right. There is some of the occasional small delays as I hunt for a note. I also tend to stretch some notes...I am not sure why...I think if the bellows are a bit from median then I stretch some notes at the end of a phrase as an opportunity to get the bellows to a median extension. On harmonica....when playing with others my timing is OK. When playing by myself, I tend to stretch or shorten some notes similar to the concertina. For me anyways, the mechanics of the instrument certainly influences my timing. This is probably something I need to work on, but I'm not too uptight about it. When I play with others I am able to adapt somewhat. And when playing by myself, my brain smooths out a lot of the timing issues. Mike
  3. Drats, I wish it was a c/g and I'd bid on it....it looks like a beauty and a good chance for me to upgrade to something of great quality. But as I am probably only buy 1 good concertina in my whole life, and as I am still a beginner, I think it will be a C/G I am looking for. The button layout has me intrigued/puzzled. If I focus on the left side, my understanding is the front row is G (due to the F#9) and the back row is D(due to the C#16). So that makes the 6th button (G#11, A#13, D#18, F20) the extra button for useful accidentals. The right side...front row is G and back row is D...same as the left side...with the accidental button in the center. For the G row on the right side, this makes sense...the F# being in the G scale. So I am puzzled on the right-side back row. I have sort of established in my head the G row and the D row...and that the accidental button on this 24 button layout (a 20 button layout with an extra button for accidentals) in the center. So the D#30 and F32 are the accidentals...OK. So what is with the G#35 and A#37 .....I was sort of expecting those buttons to be in the key of D....and they are not. I guess I view that as inconsistent with my limited understanding of scales and the intent of this button layout. Do I not understand the button layout...or intent of the button layout...or the scales? I was expecting a 20 button layout, with an extra button in the center for accidentals. And the right-side back row has me perplexed. Where have I gone wrong? Mike
  4. Ok. Thanks for the info. Just so you know, I am sort of interested in buying this concertina...hoping it truly is a c/g. So I don't want to seem like I am challenging you on this point.... The item is relisted with button layout. Assuming the listed button layout is correct....this is a G/D, yes? I know it is probably theoretically possible to play in key of C on this...but this button layout is different than my 20 button C/G Stagi...even with the extra button...so I assume this is G/D? Mike http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW
  5. I am curious why you think it is a C/G. He makes both.
  6. Great pics! Fascinating..... Thanks for sharing.
  7. It's not just free reed instruments that are affected by ceiling fans. I had a ceiling fan that beckoned a bat. Imagine the disappointment. Looking for love and finding something so completely unresponsive.
  8. As it is an estate sale....and you follow the "About Me" link on the ID....the link goes to a "Love One Another" obituary for her Aunt Florence Brown Lamson. If you google that name, you can find the obituary. http://www.cabinet.com/obituaries/2005/Obit04.07.05.html Aunt Florence had many neices...I would gess sleeping dragoness is one. She is not wasting anytime selling off Aunties estate as she just died at the end of March. The seller's other items are all from the same estate, apparently. In one picture on another item...I can even spot the same rug as in the concertina photo. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6526418324&rd=1 All the items are listed with the same payment options...so maybe nothing particularly wrong with the concertina that would cause it to be listed with these payment options.
  9. Simple suggestions to rout out a scam....email the seller and ask for the concertina to be played over the telephone...or ask for a specific picture to be taken (say with the bellows open and a penny placed on the bellows). These simple techniques will at least prove the seller has the item, but doesn't say anything about the quality of the item for sale. The methods of payment being accepted...are all without recourse. A PowerSeller not taking PayPal makes me wonder a little. Surely they have a PayPal account, but don't choose to offer it as a means for this particular auction.
  10. It looks very similar to the behavior being described at this URL: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2384
  11. A tune from today's lunchtime jam...Scarborough Fair. Painfully slow. http://www.nowhereradio.com/artists/album....d=3240&alid=964 Jagan Nath (pronounced Juggernaut) on fiddle, Steve on guitar, wife Cindy singing. 2nd vocal harmony track dubbed in with Cindy again.
  12. It is an interesting issue. Yes, there is the economic theory of supply and demand to set price. Technically, "hoarding" categorizes as a demand...not a shrinkage of supply. So theoretically hoarding would tend to push prices up. Simplistically, I tend to agree with your premise. But as I think about it...it is not so simple. Yes, selling on eBay looks like a perfect marketplace. But technically, it is not a pure marketplace. Also, the product is not a commodity. Every concertina is different, have different makers, some are new and some are used, and among the used all have different amounts of wear. There is risk associated in buying on eBay that the product is not as described, has hidden defects, or is a scam...and I assume all this gets factored in the price. It seems there are various price plateaus: the entry-levels consisting of Stagi and Hohner, new quality instruments around $1500 from various makers, used ones of uncertain quality, and the high-end ones. Evn within these plateaus, there are various qualities. If one were to hoard, I assume we are talking about higher-end instruments...so hoarding wouldn't effect the price point of the entry level instruments at all. I don't think there is much hoarding of the very high-end...how many $5K instruments can anyone afford? "Supply" is not so simple. Concertinas are being built every day...except of course in the high-end vintage segment. Even in this segment, concertinas from attics are being restored. New makers may enter the market, such as with MIDI concertinas, and this affects supply. And this makes "supply" quite a dynamic. And "demand" is not so straightforward either. People may want a C/G for starters....and then another of a different key...but the demand for this 2nd instrument may not be as great as the demand for the first...diminishing returns. And hoarding...well...this may be a different type of demand...a temporary purchase..buying and selling over the years....or some sort of opportunistic behavior. Who can explain this behavior? Certainly it is not pure demand though. A complicated marketplace for sure. Mike (owner of 3 banjos)
  13. Thank you sir! By the way, your recorded link page in you byland is a fantastic resource I just visited again and again to hear songs in various keys. What a collection....and well organized....invaluable! Mike I would confirm statements 1,2,3 and 6. I am not sure about 5. Statement 4 are in fact two statements. There are more Irish tunes D than in C. Whether G/D is preferable for playing Irish jigs/reels depends on the style you would like to play (assuming that you have a 30button Anglo). Starting from a D tune: For playing mainly the melody line in a cross row style, the C/G is preferred by many Irish players. When you would like to use chords (like in English Country Music) a G/D gives you more possibilities. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  14. Just trying to understand the issues in c/g or g/d anglo concertina. True or false: 1) If I play 99% of the time by myself, it doesn't matter what key I am playing in. 2) If I learned on a C/G, I could do the same exact fingering on the same exact song on a g/d and it would sound ok, only in a different key. 3) c/g is higher key, g/d is a lower key. 4) G/D is preferable for playing Irish jigs/reels in groups or at jams. There are more songs in these keys. 5) The resale value of both keys is identical. 6) There are more c/g concertinas around. I guess I tentatively think these are all true, no? Thanks, Mike
  15. Oh my Tom....thanks for sharing. That is a good quality recording. More important...that is very good playing! If not perfect, an excellent bid. Wow. Thanks for that Mike. I had my session in the studio last night and the result is here my radio page (click on discography and then Jackie or Lachenal I found it astonishingly difficult to get a note perfect recording under studio conditions. I am going to now spend more time practicing and have booked another session in July when my Lachenal will have been fully restored. Tom <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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