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  1. Thanks, Barbara. Encouragement much appreciated. I also picked up The Penny Whistle Book, by Robin Williamson, on eBay for, like, $4. It has the music for 56 traditional tunes, with a little story behind each one. Next week I'll start on it.
  2. Well, I've had my Stagi about a week now and have been concentrating on Ashokan Farewell and The Foggy Dew as my first songs. I have always found both of them haunting. I don't know whether I'm any good yet, but I have been practicing a lot and recorded myself playing both of them. Ashokan Farewell The Foggy Dew I got the music for both of them from TheSession.org. It's very exciting, this online helper-world of music! Of course, my dogs are thoroughly sick of both tunes.
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