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  1. I get these from time to time as trades. This one looks very well taken care of. Comes with soft case and Rochelle tutor. $350 + $15 domestic shipping SOLD Via EBAY
  2. Your right, it was your son who accidentally bought the concertina with your eBay account while you were in the hospital. Good thing is we worked together and got it fixed fast. I hope your doing well 😊 and our house and shop is open to you anytime you want to visit. Seth
  3. If anyone doesn’t fully understand what Joachim is talking about I’ll explain. He had one of my concertina listings on his eBay watch list and accidentally bought it and let me know right away before I shipped the instrument so I was able to just send a refund right away and re-list the auction. Anyways, it’s not a problem at all Joachim, I got the auction relisted and sorted out. I actually did the same thing you did last year when I accidentally bought an Accordion on eBay that was on my watch list. I fell asleep with my phone in my hand scrolling through eBay and somehow bought a $2000 accordion in my sleep. The seller understood and just as I did with you got me refunded quickly. I try to not fall asleep looking through eBay anymore, 😂. Anyways, don’t lose sleep over it, everyone makes mistakes.... We’re human. Cheers, Seth
  4. Yes indeed. I still have the original end plates for two styles of Harold’s square concertinas. Seth Hamon
  5. I just listed a really nice Clover for anyone looking for one.
  6. Used Wakker C/G Clover Anglo. Fully functioning and ready to play. All leather airtight bellows in great overall condition. Session ready. $1900 https://swedishbagpipes.com/available-instruments Cheers, Seth
  7. I’ve been wondering about PVA Sizing which is the rabbit skin glue alternative for canvas sizing. It’s supoosed to be more flexible than standard PVA which is the reason why folks avoid standard PVA in the first place. Has anyone used these more flexible versions of PVA in bellow making? I use bottled liquid Tightbond hide glue for bellows and am messing with rabbit glue but that stuff is so sticky and messy. So, anyone use PVA Sizing formulas? Seth
  8. This is the message I get on Stamps.com when I try to print a label to the U.K. It gives me a pop up box with further info and this is what it says. This is also what I’ve found on the USPS website as well. It does give me an option to bypass this but warns that it could be held in customs or returned. Some folks are saying this change is an EU thing that was decided before Brexit and the U.K. agreed to follow through even after leaving the EU. It leaves me wondering if this will be an issue to EU countries as well. Lots of confusion to go around. Seth
  9. I went to ship some reed sets to the UK today and got the message that I need a VAT number to ship to the UK. USPS is telling me I have to open an account with the UK and collect VAT and make quarterly payments of collected VAT. This seems a bit odd, never heard of anything like this ever. Don’t most countries handle their own customs taxing on their residents? Most of what I send to the UK is over 135£ so maybe I can get around it for the time being. Seems of that I would have to collect taxes for the UK and pay them quarterly. Cheers, Seth
  10. They use the Italian system for knowing which reeds to make for you. Here is the chart which has the number along with the note by octave. Accordion reeds table.pdf
  11. Sold a set today. First thing I’ve sold on here so I need to look and see how to pay the fee to the forum. I’ll do that now.
  12. I have a couple new sets of these reeds but mine are the standard 30 button Wheatstone layout. Harmonikas knows which reeds you need for the 30 button Wheatstone layout but my guess is they are confused by the 40 button Anglos request as beyond the standard 30 button I’d guess the rest of the layout is dependent on the notes you need. Are you making you own instrument? Why not just go with the standards 30 button?
  13. Brand New A-Mano Professional C/G Reed sets by Tidelbach Reeds aka Harmonikkas , Czech made. Wheatstone Layout. $135
  14. Most of the reed sets I have in the shop are Binci and so far they seem to be the best I’ve tried. Other reeds I’ve tried are Voci Armonichie A-Mano and Tipo A-Mano, Salpa, Antonelli, and right now I’m making a set with A-Mano reeds from Tidelbach aka Harmonikkas and these reeds seem to be the closest in quality to the Binci reeds. I am curious about the new reeds coming out from Voci Armonichie this year called Blue Star which is some type of new proprietary technology they have coming out later this year. I need to try more TAM reed sets from the various makers to compare them with the A-Mano but so far with Voci Armonichie I can tell a difference between the A-Mano and TAM reeds. I want to use the best reeds available as Dana suggested to match the work I’m putting into the instruments. I’m trying all makers so my early instruments will have a variety of different reed makers in them. The best quality control would be to make my own reeds which I’ve messed with but already having had carpal tunnel surgery and two ulnar elbow nerve surgeries I’m nervous about repetitive stress issues and would need to automate such a system as much as possible. Anyways, I’m having fun and hope Harold would approve.
  15. I’ve been pondering hybrids lately as I continue to go through Harold Herrington’s paperwork, study, and build hybrid concertinas in his style. I was curious to see if most hybrid makers were using A-Mano reeds, etc. From Harold’s logbooks and order forms he seems to have almost exclusively ordered A-Mano reeds with leather valves tuned to 440, mostly from Binci and Antonelli which is now Voci Armonichie. I have found a few reed sets marked Tipo A Mano ~ machine made hand finished reeds but they seem to be samples, possibly? I figure most hybrid makers are using Tipo A Mano or A Mano reeds but I have recently read on one of the higher end hybrid makers websites that they offered an upgrade to TAM, Tipo a A-Mano, reeds for an additional fee leading one to assume that they come standard with economy or export quality reeds? I know there are different ranges of quality from Stagi, Rochelle, Bastari up to high end sets like Tedrow, Edgley, etc. Would these sets with a step below TAM reeds be considered mid-grade? So far from my brief flirt with concertina making Ive not noticed much, if any, difference between TAM and A-Mano reeds but once you start getting down into cheaper reed options they seem to use more air, harder to play, wider gaps between the shoe and the steel tongue. I’m sure this had been discussed at length but I don’t see a lot on the topic. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Cheers, Seth Hamon
  16. Yes, the jig was designed around the end plate. The jig has been made and works like a charm.
  17. I keep trying to upload more photos but it says they are too big. I can email them to anyone interested as well as a YouTube video of the instrument being played. Seth Hamon HamonBagpipes.com
  18. 6” Herrington Classic model in C/G. Wheatstone layout, 7 fold leather bellows, riveted action, Binci A-Mano Professional reeds, Walnut action box and hand rests, crimped metal end plates, with padded wooden case. $1800 , located in USA.
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