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  1. Good day, I have a 20 Key Wheatstone - serial number 53040 for sale. Still in original condition - for sale. Please make me an offer
  2. thanks a lot....Can I send him this chart ....and will he find the correct notes for a 40 button key.... sorry...I cannot reed notes or any music...I only play by hearing.....
  3. Hi ..thanks for you feedback.... Yes that guy is very confused. I did send him a complete layout of the Wheatstone 40 key ..but he does not have a clue what I am talking about. I play for more then 30 years now on a 40 button Anglo German....so to down scale to a 30 button is not going to work. maybe you can help me to order from them..to get the correct order...If you dont mind you can mail me direct to pietvisser31@gmail.com
  4. good day Mr Crabb.


    If possible, can you please give me your email address....I want to ask you about concertina reeds...many thanks

    1. Geoffrey Crabb

      Geoffrey Crabb

      Hi Piet, my email address is geoffrey.crabb1@virgin.net

      Unfortunately, I have not been too well for the past few years which has, frustratingly, reduced my involvement in concertina matters so replies to requests etc. may be delayed. I hope you understand.



  5. good day, I am from South Africa I try to order DIX concertina reeds from this company. www.harmonikas.cz ( Harmonikas s.r.o ) TITLBACH REEDS the reeds i try to order is for a standard CG pith Anglo German 40 button concertina. The thing is...I have to specify each read in each octave...I cannot read music so I cannot help him. I need to specify each of the 80 reeds...and how many for each octave....Are there anyone that can help me....PLEASE.
  6. Good day, I am from South Africa, and play with a 40 key concertina. as someone refer to the Boer style...yes that is definitely true...we play on all 12 keys....like you get on a piano... it is not very easy, but i can make it easy for you guys...if someone is interested i have complete lessons i can share with you....included some clips explaining to you how the song sounds like and to play the correct accents....
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