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  1. Timv

    A Bizarre Concertina Gig #2

    Here is the video where they talk a little about the choice of instruments.
  2. Timv

    A Bizarre Concertina Gig #2

    I really like that. I was scouring the internet to get the information about who played the concertina. I found a list of musicians that made the soundtrack and couldn't find the concertina listed anywhere. There was only one mention of an accordion, and I feared that that was what's played here. Great work! I also found this version of Home, Dearie, Home, which is really nice as well.
  3. Timv

    A Bizarre Concertina Gig #2

    That's excellent, I had no idea they got an actual concertina player for motion capture. Did you record the audio as well or was that done by someone else? I'm trying to get a hold of the full version of the song in the video below, but I guess I will have to wait for the release of the game soundtrack. Great job!
  4. Timv

    New Book - Sailor Songs for Concertina

    Wonderful! I guess my pirate phase is not coming to an end soon.
  5. I'm left-handed and mostly play with my concertina lying symmetrically on both knees. If I had to choose one knee, I would definitely plant the concertina on my right one, since controlling the bellows is easier with my left hand.
  6. Thanks! I tried playing only the pah-pah part, but it seemed too quick to be combined with the melody. Although, it might be possible I gave up too early. Ah, it seems it's been too long since I played the games
  7. Thanks, Tealeaf! Unfortunately, I don't have have anything written down, I just play it from my head. I got the chords from this site: https://scummbar.com//resources/downloads/index.php?todo=Sheet_Music After I got the chords, I fitted the melody to work with them. I have so far avoided the intro part but I must add it some time. As I've said I keep finding parts that I can play in a better way, so the song keeps constantly changing. Now I wonder what the best version you've seen was 😁
  8. Thank you all for the encouraging words! I've seen these, but they weren't exactly how I wanted to play it, so I changed it to my version. I've been playing the piano accordion when I was very young, and then only rarely after that, and the Monkey Island theme is now one of only a few songs I can play on it. Since I now learned it (moreorless) smoothly on the concertina, it's safe to say that in my almost two years of playing I am finally better at the concertina than the accordion, which to me is a very nice thought
  9. Thanks, this is really good advice. I try to do this as much as I can, but I am still getting familiar with bellows control. My previous concertina really did not have an option for this, as the full sound (high and low notes at the same time) could only be achieved at full volume. But I am slowly getting better with the new one. I have not heard of the red hot needle metaphor, but I think I can see what you mean by it. Approach the bass note with vigor and it should sound jumpier and better. And as for the yellow air supply area, I try to pinpoint the perfect times to use the air button, and I am slowly making progress. But I guess this all comes with more practice.
  10. I'm apparently going through a pirate phase for a while now, and this is the result. It's the theme song from a video game Monkey Island and I finally got to the point where I feel comfortable with recording and sharing me playing this. However, there's still quite some room for improvement, and I'm constantly changing minor details while playing.
  11. Gary, I haven't had a chance to try it out, but the fact that it is in key of C is very good news! I thought the song sounded familiar, but I never did connect it to Home Boys Home. Now that I know the titles are very similar, it's really obvious
  12. To anyone concerned, I found that this tune was a rendition of "Home, dearie, home", thanks to this other video I recently found Now I need to decide which version I want to learn first. I do need to practice singing while playing the concertina, but it's really hard.
  13. After playing mine for a while now, I have to agree. The buttons are much thinner and longer than what I was used to. Although I believe that is only personal preference, since I am getting used to it. However, the buttons are more slippery than those on my previous concertina. I thought the thinness of the buttons would counteract the slipperiness, but I still need to take breaks to dry my hands more often. As for the loudness that was discussed previously, I have found that it being too loud was just due to my lack of bellows control. On my previous concertina, you couldn't affect the loudness via bellows that much, but on the Swan this effect is much more pronounced. So this was more or less a user error and I am getting more practice to help with this.
  14. I don't have any problems reaching the air button, although my fingers are relatively long. The other buttons are I think a bit closer together, and fingering is occasionally trickier for me. But I expect this will get easier over time.
  15. That's exactly what I was thinking. I think you would need to try several different materials though, to get the desired volume.