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    Concertina (currently 30-key C/G Anglo, but looking at acquiring an English). Five-string banjo. Capoeira. Go (Baduk).
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  1. Dowright, I'd love to date two Lachenal English concertinas. Lachenal Tutor Model: Mahogany ended, 48 coloured bone buttons. Five fold bellows. Serial number 36736 Louis Lachenal Inimitable(?) Rosewood ended with gold embossing. 48 metal buttons. Brass reeds. Six fold bellows. Serial number 10104 Thank you!
  2. I'd be very interested to have an estimated date for my Lachenal. Rosewood ended 30-button anglo with steel reeds. Serial on reed pan is 147438.
  3. This is arguably the most wonderful thing I've seen this year.
  4. Gary, Just listening through these earlier today, I noticed that the audio in the video for 'Hi Ho Come Roll Me Over' seems to have been corrupted somehow: I don't know if it's happened in the upload to YouTube, or during recording, but I thought I'd let you know in any case! Thanks again for this amazing resource!
  5. Amazing! Instant order coming in here! Will there be a YouTube playlist for these (and maybe for Pirate Songs...)? They've always been such an excellent resource as I've been learning.
  6. I was also inspired by Jon Boden's shruti-boxing to try this out, and have one on my medium-term wishlist. One option I'd advise is trying some of the excellent Android/iOS shruti box apps out there to play with it first and get a good idea of the settings and options. Some that I've tried and would say are worth a play before investing in a full hardware one are: Pocket Shruti Box (Android) iTablaPro (iOS)
  7. Personally, the stacked barlines look clearer to me. I'd be tempted to have those lines only in line with the left-hand/right-hand lines, though, as a balance between clear barlines without overly cluttering the space. (So the bottom two lines in your example tab.) It's a nice system, though. Having wrestled through scoring things attractively using MuseScore, this is certainly a lot faster for transcribing!
  8. If you were to type it in as "code", using the "<>" button in the forum editor, then it should (hopefully) use a monospaced font. Here's a test! C F C __ __ ______ _ _ __ | 2 2 1 . | 2 2 1 . | 7 7 77 87 | 7 6 6 . | 3 4a 3 3 4a 3 1a 4 1a 4 4 4 4 F C G C G C _______ _ __ _________ _ __ | 7 . 6 . | 32 2 2 . | 2 2 22 32 | 2 1 1 . | 1a 4 3 5 1 4a 3 5 1 4a 1 4a 4 4 4
  9. It's a high compliment! There's a running joke in the Monkey Island series where Guybrush refers to things as the second <something>-est thing he's ever seen.
  10. That's the second best version I've ever seen! This has been one of my dream pieces for a long time, and I've been working through scoring my own version of this. Now I'm just going to be recreating yours! Do you have any of this scored out -- notation or tablature? The one bit I do have satisfactorily is the introductory run of notes from the very beginning of the original version.
  11. The cutoff is for items 'worked' before 1947, so the current exemption may well apply. Individual countries can exceed CITES regulations in their own ways, though. The UK is about to introduce a total ivory ban with some very limited exceptions, for example; and my understanding is that the US already has a total ban on ivory. So, assuming that this is genuine tortoise shell, but pre-1947, it should be exportable under CITES in the US and UK context. It might still be worth checking with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (or DEFRA in the UK) to be on the safe side. It's worth remembering, though, that for some CITES-listed products, you just need an export permit, which requires some bureaucracy and a relatively small cost. So it's not a total impossibility. I'm fairly sure that tortoise shell is only allowed in "exceptional circumstances", though.
  12. Amazing, thank you! I've messaged my email address.
  13. Does anyone have a copy of Dan Worrall's Concertinas At Sea: A History Of A Nautical Icon? It used to be hosted on angloconcertina.org, but that now seems to be being squatted by a Japanese t-shirt making company. archive.org has a copy of the page itself at various points, but the PDF doesn't seem to have been archived.
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