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  1. hello. so I've messaged Paul about the creation of a 3d printed concertina which he said would take to the end of christmas. realistically I'm looking for an duet concertina with either the macann , jefries , crane or something similar to the shape of the buttons of an ergonomic anglo. that being said he can only produce this sort of a concertina up to 30 buttons. I'm trying to come up with a layout so that I can play 5 chords with both their majors and minors. F,C,G,D,A the reason for this being that I play alot of songs that require 5 chords but as said I need both the major and minor chord eg. c major and c minor. I'm also looking for the note 1 octave below each chord for an oom pa pa my Idea was to try and create a layout that allowed me to play in any keys but due to the lack of buttons trying to come up with a layout is becoming quite difficult. I've also had the idea that the thirds of the chords could be bisonoric so that I can play eg. E on the push for a c major and Eb on the pull for a c minor. with both the root and the fith remaining unisonoric. I'm not against the idea of playing in a certain key or a few keys the reason for trying to do this is I'm looking for a duet but the asking price is crazy high for what i'd be looking for and if I wasn't a fan then I'd have a niche , expensive instrument to sell. thanks for the help
  2. hello. I am going to be buying a duet with any luck and was curious if anyone has recorded and played any accordion type tunes eg katyusha with accompaniment, game of thrones etc. I recently heard the lotr in dreams cover by someone here (sorry forgot who) and it sounded great. as I understand accordion reeded concertina's and concertina reed concertina's sound different. thanks
  3. can u send me some pics? thanks
  4. hello. im currently looking for a 8 sided duet either maccann , crane or Jeffries. needs to be 70 buttons to cover lower notes. thanks
  5. well as stupid as it sounds especially give the rarity of concertina's compared to other instruments I like the aesthetic of it. that being said if you think you'd have anything of interest to me offer away
  6. hello. i'm looking for a duet concertina with 12 sides and around 60 or more notes with some lower notes and a decent range eg. right hand starting from middle c and left being lower. not looking to spend millions. send me a message if you think you got something i'd be interested in. thanks
  7. well when I say I think I understand what a key is I think a key is what the melody line is made up of eg. if it only uses c d e f g a b then it's c major and as for the chords they don't matter too much.
  8. hey guys there are some songs which i'd love to play on concertina and I just cannot figure it out and always end up reverting back to what has been already played and trying to figure it out by ear. I own a 40 button stagi…. (unfortunately lol. oh well better than nothing) and so I have some reversals as well. but i'm really not sure how to go about it. at the moment I want to learn haul away joe and have tried transposing it (sry im not sure which key I tried it in as I think iv'e only just understood what the key of the song means) but cannot figure out the best way to play it with an oompah rhythm on the left. iv'e also tried playing other songs but have the same problem. i'd love it one of you guys can help me with this one song and also how to try and play these songs. thanks also my concertina is a cg I have started saving up for a duet about a month ago so hopefully I wont have this sort of problem for much longer but for the time being i'd appreciate your help
  9. hello everyone I'm currently looking for a duet concertina to play polkas eg. Wallace and grommit etc. on. im currently looking for a 50 button maccann or something with a similar range in that both hands have enough buttons for 1 playing the melody and 2 playing the chords on the left hand as I had a look at a 46 button and that's just over 1 octave for the first hand and so there will be notes missing for the chords on the left hand. although im looking for a maccann, im not too picky in terms of whether its a McCann, a hayden , a crane etc. and I'm hoping not to have to spend thousands and thousands. its gotten to the point where I trying to think of how I would go about making one and I just cannot figure out how to make certain parts such as reeds. my first idea was to use standard accordion reeds and hold them in place with screws at either end however that would take up a lot of space for the amount of buttons i'm looking for and then I'd have to make bellows which I have no idea how to. so yeah if you got any others which wont cost an arm and leg give a shout :) thanks guys
  10. hello. so my friend is leaving the country due to brexit. she is going to live in spain. because of the weight limit she has decided to give me her hohner coroner 3 cgf melodeon. I've been looking abouts for music and her is some stuff I like: gypsy princess joe bane haul away joe I know that the last one is a sea shanty but the other two. what would they be? barndances? thanks
  11. well that's what i meant as well just described slightly differently. some of the reeds i need to put alot more work in the bellows in order to get any sound and this instruments air leakge is huge so that doesn't help. I bought this instrument hoping to try out a duet however I think that all I have done is buy a instrument which is in a bit of a wrecked state.
  12. when you say slow speak do you mean takes longer to get into its pull volume?
  13. didn't know that could be a reason as to why the reeds would sound off, i mean it doesn't look like the reeds are really dirty. hmm i will have to try that.
  14. I doubt it. When I said like an Anglo I meant 2 different tones however they sound different like a pitch bend. As well as this some of the reeds take a lot of effort to get them to sound so I think that means that the reeds need a bit of gentle bending back to its centre point. Thanks for all the info guys!
  15. When I change direction on the same button it sounds different like a anglo.
  16. How do I remove the reeds from the pan of a concertina? Thought I'd try out a cheap lachenal duet macann (100£) and have found it needs some serious tuning. Also just a quick question if I want to make the sound lower or higher which area do I need to file. Thanks
  17. That's the problem. I don't have any places near me where I could try some out. As for the crane duet at barleycorn; I'm looking at buying from there shop but that being said they are the other end of the country from me. As for trying out the crane I'd much rather save the money and then spend on a duet or anglo Especially for only 35 notes. And that's if there is no overlap. I know that buying this would purely be just to try it out but 400£ is still 400£ Why does it seem that I like all the instruments that hardly anyone plays ughhhh..
  18. Well I like the bisonoric nature of the Anglo as well as the sound what I’m worrying is that I will finally find one of either and find that if I do end up buying a duet it won’t sound as good as an Anglo. I’m not near any shops or anyone that owns any to be able to try them out and see what I like either so it’s down to YouTube videos. The problem with that is though that the videos on YouTube don’t always sound that great depending on what they are recorded with. Eg. My accordion sounds great in real life but in video not so much. It doesn’t sound bad but a lot is lost. As well as getting what I’m looking for I spoke I might be able to say get a duet if I have to and if not what I’m looking for send to a shop and hopefully get a swap. just quite scary to be throwing thousands of pounds.
  19. I see its just I wondered due to seeing some videos showing them sounding like they have lost their oomph (duet). Like when you drink a squash drink and you don't put enough in you know what it is but it's lost all its flavour and is rubbish.
  20. As you all probably know I'm having trouble trying to get a anglo 40 button. I had a look and found some quite nice looking duets. Do sound any different to that of an anglo or is it the same reeds, tuned the same way etc. Thanks
  21. Well call me an idiot but I'm an accordion player mostly that being said I bought a scarlatti 30 button and it's great fun that being said I can do any sort of acompanyment with a lot of the songs I'm looking at playing. Eg grandfather clock. I'm looking at playing like toru Kato on YouTube. Besides that although a duet would probably better suit me I'd prefer a anglo due to the bisonoric changes of direction and the layout. As for 38 button anglo's I'm not sure.
  22. Hey guys as you know I'm looking for a 40 button anglo. That being said I'm not having much luck. I'm looking for a stagi ws 40 or heck any brand for that matter. Thanks guys.
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