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  1. As I was thinking about the "sighting" in the Dickens Movie, an Image popped into my head of another Xmas appearance.  Rather than re-watch the whole thing, I googled " Nightmare before Christmas" jazz band, and there it was!  Because I'm stuck in "archaic tech"  mode and have yet to grasp how to post pics.,  I thought I'd pass it along to you before putting it up.  If you're tech savvy perhaps you'd post it?  If not I'll put it up later this evening.  I've no Idea if it's been posted before.


    Happy holidays 


    1. McDouglas


      For some reason I'm not finding this when I do the google search you recommend.  Can you send me a link?

    2. wunks


      Here's my sequence which I've just repeated;  google search     nightmare before Christmas jazz band      you should get a string of images a little ways down the page.  click on more images.  About the 3d image in is what I found.  It says angrybirdsriogame.info under the pic..  Or,  click on the first image in the sequence of the Lagoon Goon sax player for a subset of more images,  third one on the bottom row is what we're looking for.  under it reads;  tnbc-thoughtsandheadcannons.tumblr.com .  I don't want to pester you with this but it's a great image and might even win "spotting of the year award" (Which I'm willing to split with you, prize to be announced) if it hasn't been posted already!  Great movie too, if you haven't seen it......?

    3. McDouglas


      Here's a screen shot.

      Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 8.25.50 PM.png

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