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    English Concertina-currently Lachenall 48key English circa 1863, and Lachenal New Model 56 Button English - Enjoy transcribing stuff into Easy Notes as my eyes are not what they were..
    I have also started watercolour painting which I am enjoying

    73 yrs Disabled Pensioner Suffering from receeding youth.
    The body might not work properly but hopefully the music makes the brain stay in shape.
    I play all the right notes but maybe not in the right order.
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  1. I am in Isolation, being high risk. Four months seems a long time, but my GP advised that may be a minimum. No contact, no sessions, why not put tunes here so members can download and share with family and friends, in fact anybody. I am posting this to see if it flies. https://youtu.be/rMjkQQX08Q4
  2. I came across this in and Old 1986 BBC TV prog at Christmas, I don't know the tune or any other details. Any body know more details Regards Dave https://youtu.be/T9Y94oRL2cY
  3. A Happy Holiday to all and everything you wish Best Wishes to all Dave
  4. Hi Folks, I have been asked if I could produce Musical PDF's from the Xmas Tunebook I have and the link is below, this is not intended to replace the tune book, but to go alongside, the pdf's in the tune book, you now have a chance to hear what the dots sound like. The tunes are recreated on a computer using a piano sound and I have slowed them down, but when watching the video you can always pause and practice a single bar or more till you happy. Hope you like this has been a rush job and I have missed out two tunes, but Im not going and start again. As always any comments or suggestions are most welcome. SORRY I posted wrong Link before, it was the one from Google Drive and you can only view not download and then mess about with it. Regards Dave This is the link below
  5. As all our local shops are all full of Xmas Stuff already, I* am joing the trend As before tune played slower than normal, and any replies, comments very welcome Hope you like PDF below this link. Regards Dave https://youtu.be/WpkGhHQP9aQ Flowing Bowl PRINT.pdfFlowing Bowl PRINT.pdf
  6. Thanks Steve, I took the dots directly from abc in key of G, but choose to transpose to 'D'. I try to simplify the tunes so that it won't be too intimidating for "New Players & Beginners" The main objective is to get a tune that sounds right to the ear. But with vagaries of computer science the Music Software I use makes some of the decisions for me, ie type of note and length I then play the tune as I see it on the screen and if it sounds ok, I accept it will be more careful in the future, I'll dig out my old Quill and parchment and ink well! plus a couple of candles. Like you have been a fan from the start, but do not like some of the tune versions which they have experimented with.. Best Regards Dave
  7. Another in this series same PDF below the Video, tune slowed down on purpose. Regards Dave Barwick Green_D.pdf
  8. From the comments and emails I have received people prefer the Landscape for screen annimation So here is one All For Me Grog, played very slowly and below the normal Printable Version in Portrait. Any comments or questions welcome. Regards Dave All For Me Grog.pdf
  9. Thanks for comments, I am In the process of doing a Step bt Step list for mathhag. My next post up in a latwe today is EASY NOTES MUSICAL PDF, hope you like as I am still getting to grips with the technology (Smart Phones ?) When I was a kid, Two Tin Cans and a piece of string was our smart communication. Regards Dave
  10. Since finishing Xmas 2019, I have been messing about. Now I am getting to grips with the VCam thing and the associated software I thought I try to Improve on the PDF's which I attach yo my posts. I have found how to make them more realistic to players by not only outing a printable pdf with my posts, but to animate them as well. You will note that I am NOT playing along with these two offerings I have chosen a piano sound font which fits with the pdf. There are two versions one is Portrait Mode and the Other in Landscape mode both of the same tune and same tempo. I have again attached a linke to Google Cloud for each One. I really would PLEASE ask for relies comments good or poor. I will let you decide which format people prefer, I have not uploaded these to Utube as yet as I wait for comments on Google Cloud. Many thanks to all who have viewed Xmas 2019, hopefully this format of PFD's might well work in 2020. Again many thanks for viewing in the past Auld Lang Syne PORTRAIT https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pxUPPTyQnKUIUtICVpu6x9MxI413c7a_ Auld Lang Syne LSCAPE https://drive.google.com/open?id=110KPnNdP9ioy05OJ3z30VC1qLlpJ67jG Regards to all Dave
  11. Well I have just finished my small offering, In order to put it here I have used a Google Drive Link. Hope you like as always tips & hints and comments most welcome, I have had to cut the number of pages to make it fit into the space I have available on google drive. Below the link to the tune book hope it works ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITEjObLZNYXh2LBDVrCmnJTVBUxJV6a5/view?usp=sharing Regards Dave
  12. Thanks glad you like it check out The Dark Island Post in the same area as this post, I love that tune a nice slow air, I recorded just using Audacity Audio Software,it's free and still available although not longer supported by the team that produced it, it is still one of the best I have used, try it . The tune is the theme for a BBC Radio Drama Play about spies and stuff in the Isles Of Scotland, is also known under different titles. If you7 want any further help or info pls pm me and I will be glad to try and help Regards Dave
  13. Thanks John I've tried google one-drive that bit seemed ok below the URL they have given me hope this works its the small one I posted above. Then I can crack on and finish the complete tune book. Again many thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AN9f3YXBaTr_X349W7a0grsI81-7Bfcg
  14. Hi again, this time I have put the first few pages of a Xmas Tune book in PDF form, which I am currently finishing. The full larger version cannot be loaded onto this forum so I am seeking help to find a way putting it somewhere and then provide the URL for anybody to look at or download for free. So any help or advice other than try to sell me my own website I don't have the ability or the time to do that. Please give me your thought's there are players out there with far more technology skills than I. thanking you in advance. Sample PDF below EASY NOTES XMAS 2019.pdf Regards Dave
  15. Thanks Mike, I do look as the Morris ring quite often especially at the abc list, the two variation you mention are both listed under Winster, living where I do it is not too far from "The Miners Standard" in Winster villager in the Peak District. The dots I put up here is from the tune I was shown by another box player, even older than me! Many thanks Dave
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