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I have become generic!

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congrats on being generic! let's all make sure to propagate the term. can i be called a linotist, even though i play a replica linota? i dont think wally would appreciate it if i called myself a carrollist.... but then again, i can call myself a "carroller" once a year, and no one can say anything against me, :lol:

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Am I going to sleep in a civilized world now? :blink:


Concertina.net IS a civilised world. Please take a nap if necessary, but do not go to sleep for long, as we value your contributions!! :D :rolleyes:

Don't fall asleep on one of those red eye British Airways flights. You might miss your transfer and end up in one of those uncivilized western countrys. :angry: Or you might slip off the tail. :P

Wait! I think there's somebody out on the wing. :o


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I was at a party last weekend and someone asked about my concertina. I said it was a crane duet and he said "I've only met three crane drivers face to face". I explained I was the original Crane Driver, but it seems I've become a generic term for someone who plays the Crane. I'm sort of pleased by that, I'd like to take it as a compliment.




Andrew McKay



I've become a geriatric term for a Jeffries Anglo player, not sure it's complimentary

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