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Concertina Materials

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At the risk of offending those who may shout 'Comercialism!' I hasten to point out that there is no self interest in this, I merely pass on the address of a new concertina related site.


My friend and supplier of many of the materials that I use is a chap called David Leese. Dave now has a web site: concertina-spares.com I think that this will become a useful site and contact for any small scale repairer, or for a player needing to do work. I might also add, from personal experience, that Dave is also quite happy to discuss and, give advice. He also makes a mean set of bellows.


I suggest that you visit the site and take a view.


Dave E

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I got some spares very quickly from David (Leese) and he was very patient with a newcomer to the instrument like me and took the time explain things thoroughly before I placed my order. I have now replaced my first pad on my Wheatstone English - succesfully!! The photos on his website of the parts are a big help too.


Charles Mackay

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