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  1. I have corresponded with Jim regarding this instrument. He tells me that the serial number is 36826 which makes this instrument 1965, not 1951. It does have some history in that it looks to be one of a group of instruments sold to Boris Matusewitch. Here's the page at the Horniman Museum Ledger http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD03/PAGES/D3P1040S.HTM
  2. If you intend to play two notes at a time the 4-fold bellows could be a problem, especially in the lower register.
  3. Thanks David...I tried that and found nothing related to the sale. PM's going back 17 years.
  4. Hi guys, I've been away for a while. I sold my metal-ended Wheatstone Aeola to a Concertina.net member five years ago. I don't remember his name but if my memory is correct he was in Colorado?? If you know who that might be please let me know. I only sold that instrument because I was in dire need of cash. I recently came into some very unexpected funds and would love to buy that instrument back if possible. It was such a beautiful instrument that I doubt that it would be for sale...... but it's worth a try. Here' a youtube video I did of it 5 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pJEPKEUb0
  5. I need new bellows for an old Lachenal I've had laying for years. Has anyone here purchased bellows from Sandylaneman on ebay?? If so, what was your experience and opinion. Thanks!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Concertina-Parts-Replacement-Bellows-/112576270680?hash=item1a36119158:g:ue8AAOxyVX1RscDW
  6. A friend of mine asked me to let the good folks here know that he is selling his Wheatstone/Boyd English concertina. I have played this instrument many times and it is in perfect condition and sounds great. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BOYD-WHEATSTONE-48-KEY-TREBLE-ENGLISH-CONCERTINA-RAISED-METAL-ENDS-1905-/172935862669
  7. This Concertina is sold.... Still needing to sell my Aeola. Adding direct link to youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pJEPKEUb0 Link on the original post still has lots of photos and original description. Asking $3000 or anything reasonably close. Free shipping within USA
  8. This Concertina is Sold..... Selling my beloved Model 4E metal ended Aeola. Bought from Chris Algar around 2001 then refurbished by Wim Wakker in 2003. He repadded,valved, tuned and upgraded to his post and rivet action. Very loud and orchestral tone with lightning quick action. Perfectly tuned. Here's a link to a private page on my website with photos and video. http://www.goldbugproducts.com/Wheatstone4E.htm This really is an outstanding instrument and I hate to sell it. Asking $3000. PM me or email me directly at sew@goldbugproducts.com Of course, a donation will be made to Concertina.net.
  9. A good friend of mine has put his 1923 Wheatstone up on ebay. I have played it many times and it is a superb instrument!! No Reserve. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1923-WHEATSTONE-TREBLE-48-KEY-METAL-ENDED-CONCERTINA-S-N-29264-/172400824624?hash=item2823e3d130:g:5YMAAOSwcLxYH6WS
  10. It's been over a month now...Sold or not?? If it was mine it'd been up on ebay at least two weeks ago. Wanting to sell it to someone here at the forum rather than ebay might seem honourable enough but Meg has been clear about wanting to get as much as she can for it?? Confusing to me. It's not as if, after a week or two of notice here at C.net, members of the forum can't bid on ebay. Set your opening bid and/or reserve properly and be done with it. And yes, set a Buy It Now at some 'realistically' high price. This does two things. It offers the chance to a "high roller" to buy immediately and end the auction. But,IMHO, a more important reason to offer a BIN is to light a fire under interested parties to place the opening bid in order to keep the high roller from snatching up the item. Once the opening bid is made the BIN disappears. Good Luck.
  11. I don't see it at ebay, maybe just ebay UK?? I'll check later
  12. No sound files that I'm aware of. The seller offers a 48 hour approval, so I don't see a problem. And of course any sound file is only as good as its weakest link, mics, mic placement, recording type and environment, bit-rate, sound-cards, cheesy computer speakers....Not of much use in my opinion.
  13. metal-ended Wheatstone A friend of mine has put his 1917 metal ended Wheatstone for sale on ebay. I have played this instrument on many occasions and his description is accurate in every way. It is an excellent example of what many consider to be the 'sports car model' (Chris Algar's term) of vintage Wheatstone EC's. It is bright and quick. The seller offered it to me but without expendable cash on hand I just can't do it at this time. The seller is a gentleman and totally trustworthy.
  14. I have played this instrument on several occasions and Dick's (Booseyflute) description of it is accurate in every way. It is an excellent example of what is usually considered to be the 'sports car model' of vintage Wheatstone EC's. It is bright and quick. Dick offered it to me before putting it on ebay, but I couldn't bring myself to part with my Aeola in order finance the purchase. If I had the expendable cash I'd purchase this instrument in a flash. Wheatstone EC on ebay For what it's worth, the seller is true gentleman and totally trustworthy. I'll post this link in the Buy and Sell section.
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