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Lachenal G/d Anglo Fretwork

Takayuki YAGI

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Thanks Taka.

My newer monitor improves the original images and the dates written inside your instrument are August 1931 and 1927, and from the serial numbers provided the original dates appear to be roughly 1895 and a few years later.


There is a very good article on the history of Salvation Army instrument sales at https://www.galpinsociety.org/index_htm_files/GSJ-73 Myers LR.pdf but with concertinas only mentioned in passing.

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18 hours ago, wes williams said:

That one seems to be about the same date as the others - 154398 is estimated as circa 1897.


Which would seem to suggest that George Jones may have lost the Salvation Army contract before he retired at the age of 67 in 1899 (quite possibly around the end of February because he was a leap year baby, born on 29th February 1832) , or that a slight tweak of the data may be called for...

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