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Another Suspicious Ebay Listing


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no problem theo, want to here something funny. i noticed a email for the last one so i emailed him and ask chould i come look at it. heres his email back to me



I must tell you that I'm with business in EUROPE (Plymouth, UK) and I have business for a long time here, this is why I want sell this item fast and for a good price.

I think that we can arrange the deal right now for GBP 1000.00 (free delivery) and we will make this transaction only through eBay Purchase Program.

If you agree to start the transaction, you must send me your full name, address and eBay user ID for the invoice.After I have this information, I forward all the details to eBay and they will contact you with the invoice and the next steps to complete the transaction.


Thank you,"

so i emailed him back and told him that sounds good. i chould come see it buy my plane ticket buy the concertina and still not pay what the orignal sold for. the way i figure i would have a lil cash left for spending. i really doubt i will hear any more.

any way thoe i really enjoy this last one i got, been playing at least a hour a day, maybe i get the hang of it. jim

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