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  1. Paul, thanks again for use of site. Donation sent.
  2. Sold. Will send donation as soon as complete.
  3. Have sound clip if you pm a email address.
  4. Thinking about selling one of my tedrows. 30 button sweat player. Does have a scratch on one side where I bumped music stand. Don't want to ship out of U.S. Make me a offer I cant refuse. Im in the great state of TEXAS.
  5. Sell pending. Thanks Paul. Will upload donation as soon as things get final.
  6. Still like to sell. Dropped to 1500.buyer pays shipping.
  7. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=17001 This is my concertina. Chould possible met you in middle. Im in the great state of Texas.
  8. I tried tp up load sound fill and chouldnt. Ill try to send them to yall
  9. It will be later this week before I can put tunes on. Staying away longer then expected. Intrested also in the uku.
  10. Yes is still available. Have no tunes of playing. Out of town will record when I get back.
  11. Lachenal 30 cg for sale. Good condition.#192160. 5 fold bellows. Reason for sales is my interest changed. Now playing a martin ukulele. Still have 2 tedrows to squeeze. Asking 1800. Any reasonable offer would be considered. Its in the great state of Texas. Thanks for looking.
  12. Is it a new to you vintage or a new instrument? A new Bob Tedrow. keep your cotton pickin' hands off dummy. i would say. hope you enjoy your tedrow barri, as much as i do mine
  13. bob made me a c/g barri early this year. great lil concertina. ifn your near the grat state of tezas your welcome to try it. i also have a reg. c/g tedro to compair it to.
  14. not to be a pain, but there are 26 buttons not 36.
  15. How come I'm always humored for my English mistakes? mistakes. i wrote every thing on purpose.
  16. good to see others playin at church. i squeeze mine at lest 3 times a week in church, at the assembly of GOD church where i attend. will be playing at a gospil singing friday nite. all i play is gospil, as matter of fact will be squeezeing on the streets of dallas before the signing. jim
  17. wishing it was mine is about all the help i chould be. i chould swap a good pack of beagle hounds. good luck on selling it, which im sure you want have a problem. jim
  18. soryy i missed yall this year, had to close on this new home. anyway it and the 9.25 acreas it sit on is mine now. some church buisness came up also. sounds like a good time was had. jim
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