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  1. Many thanks to those of you who contacted me about this instrument. I am happy to say that it went to a very good home tonight and will once again be a hard-working, gigging instrument.
  2. There are copies of the Salvation Army tutor for the Crane/Triumph around. I've seen one. Some nice people might even have copies. (If you can take a hint.)
  3. I found it easiest to listen to a recording (if you haven't got a "third party" recording, make your own from playing from dots) and learn to sing along. Once I can sing/hum/scat a tune, I can play it on any of my instruments (concertina, piano accordion, guitar) in pretty much any key.
  4. Good luck with the sale, Craig. I've got its older sibling for sale and haven't had much interest.
  5. As Theo said, a "Crane" concertina is always a duet, the system is also known as "Triumph" in the Salvation Army. I've got a 55k Crane Lachenal New Model for sale, see the link in my signature. It's in very good condition, drop me a line if you're interested!
  6. Cheers, I had one person interested now, but there is of course always the option of making a better offer...
  7. Not only Maccanns, it seems: I had exactly zero, nil, zilch interest in my Crane that I've advertised here for sale. Shame, really, since it's a lovely instrument.
  8. No need to bother with the plane ticket - I work in Plymouth and can look at the instrument right away. Ask for the address!
  9. Dear C.Net folks, After some deliberation and with considerable heartache, I have decided to sell my Crane Duet. In good C.Net tradition, I'm offering it here first, before putting it on Ebay in a weeks' time. Lachenal "New Model" Crane Duet Concertina 55 keys, serial number: 693 Bought in 2005 from Chris Algar, Barleycorn Concertinas http://www.concertina.co.uk/ Concert pitch (A=440Hz), new pads etc - restored/overhauled by Nigel Sture, Malborough Great playing condition, lovely sound, in good nick - see photos on this page. Comes with: Original Lachenal leather case, handle needs restoring (original came off and is in the case) New hard case, fits concertina plus tool kit First Aid Kit for Concertina by David Leese http://www.concertina-spares.com/ Concertina Maintenance Manual by Dave Elliot http://www.birchhouseave.co.uk/manual.htm Offers welcome You can of course view & play the instrument - I live on West Dartmoor. Payment accepted: Paypal, Cash On Collection, for other options please ask. Should one of you buy it, a donation to C.Net will of course be made towards the upkeep of this great website. Feel free to ask any question here or by PM/email. Best wishes, Thorsten.
  10. Any tips for my predicament? My Crane lost the tip of one of its buttons (an accident) - I still have the tip, but how best to glue it back on? 2-component adhesive? Superglue?
  11. Hurra! And if you can fix it, it was definitely only "stuck". I suggest a new entry in the concertina dictionary: stucked - adj : caught, or fixed, beyond reasonable repair; "this button is totally stucked"
  12. Nice playing! And I also like your a lot!
  13. Not a security breach, but someone apears to have developed an automated sign-up process for web boards (Invision and others). This unfortunate influx is being seen all over the place in a number of web boards.
  14. Also, make sure your new avatar file has a different name than the original, this can sometimes confuse the board software. (Edited for seppling)
  15. As Bruce Springsteen sang: "A Good Crane Is Hard To Find"... and your specs are perhaps a little limited, Crabb with aluminium ends? I'm intrigued as to why you need a "little 'un" when you already have a bigger Crane. In any case, good luck with your hunt! And if you come across any nice Wheatstone 55+, please let me know!
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