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Hi Folks:

Well my new Stagi 20 button Anglo concertina (G/C) has just arrived.


I am a novice to concertinas so would welcome some guidance with respect to choosing a really good music book that will help me learn to properly play the 20 button Anglo.








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I too am new to concertina (Anglo 20 button). I have played PA almost all my life. I read music profieciently. Does anyone have a suggestion of a book to purchase which would help to get me off to a good start (proper position, good habits, technique, practice etudes, etc.)?


Thank you in advance.

God bless you

Andy Gelfert

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Hi there! If you are going to play Irish tunes I would go for the Frank Edgley tutorial book. And even if you're planning on playing something else I would still get this book, it will give you lots of tunes to get your fingers working and it has a CD to play along with to get your timing right: I got more music out of my concertina in a shorter time with this than any other book/video I tried. Most of the tunes are in G so you'll do fine with the 20 button. Three years on I am still using the style Frank teaches and still using his books. It's also a very easy step from there to making your own arrangements of tunes you'll hear in sessions.............good luck, Alan.

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I agree with Alan.


I love the Frank Edgley tutur. I used it with my 20 button Anglo and it was just fine. There are a few tunes with a C#, not a lot, and I fiddled around - using a different note, skipping the note, repeating the last note, et cetera.


I keep the tutor by my bed and use it a lot. It is great.



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I'm fairly new to the subject myself, but as an experienced musician, I think the Bertram Levi book is quite good. The first chapter and parts of a number of the others apply quite well to the 20b Anglo. They also give you a notion of where you might want to go later with the 30b models.


I concur with the sentiment that you should check out the learning section of this site.


Have fun,



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Hi Folks:

Thanks for your book suggestions.

I read through the Absolute Beginners' Concertina for the 20 key Anglo Concertina by Bramich.

I was delighted that some attention in the booklet was devoted to chording. As a novice to the concertina, this aspect is very timely.


At this juncture in my long learning (albeit steady) curve, I would welcome some discussion/charts regarding playing cross keys.

If my observations are correct (based on no musical theory to speak of), music seems to have a definite structure to it.....kind of a formulae that 'fits'.......to this end I would like to better understand the process of playing cross keys-the "whys and wheres" so to speak - specifically with respect to a 20 button Anglo in the Key of G and C.




Thanks :blink:

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