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  1. Hi Folks: Any suggests on making the buttons on my 20 button Stagi concerina less sticky and a little quieter? Thanks, Phate
  2. Hi Folks: Thanks for your book suggestions. I read through the Absolute Beginners' Concertina for the 20 key Anglo Concertina by Bramich. I was delighted that some attention in the booklet was devoted to chording. As a novice to the concertina, this aspect is very timely. At this juncture in my long learning (albeit steady) curve, I would welcome some discussion/charts regarding playing cross keys. If my observations are correct (based on no musical theory to speak of), music seems to have a definite structure to it.....kind of a formulae that 'fits'.......to this end I would like to better understand the process of playing cross keys-the "whys and wheres" so to speak - specifically with respect to a 20 button Anglo in the Key of G and C. [/b] Thanks
  3. Hi Folks: Well my new Stagi 20 button Anglo concertina (G/C) has just arrived. I am a novice to concertinas so would welcome some guidance with respect to choosing a really good music book that will help me learn to properly play the 20 button Anglo. Suggestions? Cheers Phate
  4. As a beginner, I am in the market for a new Stagi C2 (20 Button Anglo C/G)-for which I will have to wait a couple of months. I have an opportunity to buy a Stagi B1 (20 Button Anglo C/G) now (and at less money). Would I be better off waiting for the Stagi C2? Does the quality of the two instruments vary? Is the sound quality significantly different? What about the handling differences between the B1 & C2? I am not in an area where I can try a variety of instruments (nor rent) for comparison purposes. I appreciate that the Stagi is far from the upper end of the concertina market but is a good mass market choice for a serious beginner (yet unsure of where they want to go with this experience in the future). Any comments?
  5. Again One and all many thanks for your helpful and enthusiastic comments. Much appreciated. In light of your comments and further readings and discussions with the seller of the Silvertone, I have been able to re-consider my purchase. To this end, I am back in the market place looking for a concertina. The difficulty of course is having an opportunity to hear and try a variety of instruments. The demand in our area for this instrument is limited (as are dealers). Based upon my experience (albeit limited) and readings I continue to want to start with a 20 button Anglo Concertina in the key of C/G. I am seriously looking at a new Stagi C1 ($375 US) or C2 ($425 US). The price is at my upper range as a staring instrument. I am open to comments if you would care to offer them. Also a couple of questions: [1] The significant difference between the C1 & C2 (for those that are familiar with the Stagi)? [2] What greater flexibility in my playing will I eventually realize by going from a 20 button to a 30 or even a 56 button instrument? [3] In my exploration of Concertinas I have discovered an extreme range in prices what value does one realize in an instrument priced at $3000+ range? Is it features, sound quality, aesthetics,.........? [4] If you were to suggest the best self teaching book for a beginner learning the 20 button Anglo Concertina, what would you suggest? Again, many thanks for all your help.
  6. By the way Helen, is that a beautiful Golden Retriever pic I see? I have had Golden's for many years. One of whom would sit beside me and howl when I played (don't think through pain as he would come and find me whenever I struck up a tune). An audience of one (albeit dog) is still an audience. Wayne
  7. I too am new to concertinas. I have done a lot of reading and confess to being somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Like most things, one has to 'pee or get off the pot' so to speak so plunged in where othersmay fear to tread. To this end, right or wrong, as a starting point, I recently bought a 1905 Italian made Silvertone Anglo 20 button concertina in mint condition for reasonable cost (to risk). Time will tell where I want to go with my musical experience. I would like to learn more about this company and instrument if anyone would care to share information.
  8. Hi Dave: The pic notwithstanding, are you able to respond to my questions?
  9. Hi: I hope you folks are open to new members and ones who are concertina 'novices'. I have always wanted to learn to play the concertina so have started with a somewhat modest instrument. Which I would like to know a little more about. I have acquired a 1905, 20 button Silvertone, Anglo Concertina that I believe was made in Italy. Beyond this I know very little including the reported quality of the instrument (as concertinas go); the companies history etc. I have attached (or hope I have) a small pic of this instrument. Are you able to help me out? Phate
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