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  1. Hi. I have two Anglos that have been taking up space for some time due to ipgrades that I play more. One is a Bastari with metal ends that I've had for at least 15 years. There is no bag or case eith this one. The other is a CC Rochelle that is probably a first generation. It comes wih the customary gig bag and tutor. They are both in good mechanical and sonic condition. Cosmetically, they aren't perfect, but they aren't beat up either. The Bastari is essentially the same model that Liberty bellows had listed as "Brown Bastari". I hope they don't mind my reference. They're good folks and are great to deal with. Truth in advertising: The Bastari occasionally has buttons that shift slightly out of line. A screwdriver and some mechanical sense are a plus. This is not atypical among older Bastari's and can be fixed with patience and surgical tubing of tge right duameter. The Rochelle has a small amount of external wear on the leg edges of the bellows. The bellows on both instruments are very good with air supply. Both are in good tuning. Either one would be a good starter to see if Anglo is the way to go. I'll gladly post photos if there's any interest. I'd like $250 plus shipping for each. They'll be carefully packed and insured. Paypal only, and only continental US, please. Returns after 10 days, but buyer pays shipping both ways. PM if interested. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently (Friday evening) received a Morse Ceili Anglo concertina from the Button Box. Since it is about 14 years old it fit within my budget. Not my frugal wife's, mind you, but what can I do? Everything seems to be in great condition except for one note. In the left hand G row the center button on the draw, the note being "A," there is a strange problem. If I play the concertina with the handles in a vertical position or with the top angled away from my chest there is no problem. If the handles are tilted away from my chest there is no note! I suspect it is a valve issue, but it's the valve on the under side of the reed plate. Here's my conundrum: Do I pay close attention to playing position and ignore the problem, do I send it back for a warranty repair, or do I get out my wax and soldering Iron and take it on myself? The problem with sending it back is the shipping expense. Thanks for any advice. Jim
  3. Hi Frank. Is the Elise still for sale? If so, can we contact each other via a PM to discuss it? Thanks, Jim
  4. Hey Semaj,

    I don't really know how this stuff works. I left a comment under yours in my profile so I don't know if it gets to you here or not. I assume you can read it in my profile area, if not, let me know and I'll respond here.


  5. Perhaps they meant that the ages added together were over 200 years old;-}
  6. Hi Doc. Do you still have the 26 button Jones youlisted on Ebay?

    If so, I'm interested in an 'as soon as I collect the funds' sort of way.

    If you do still have it:

    What would you be happy with financially? And, is it loud enough to play in a session setting--couple of fiddles, guitat (ick) and bodhran?

    Is Paypal an acceptable medium of e...

  7. On the receipt, it states "English Concertina" - maybe he made a mistake! How can I be sure? Thanks, -Sean An ANGLO concertina has buttons in rows. Typically 2 or 3 per side, with generally 5 buttons per row. They also have a wide palm rest with a strap the width of that rest. ENGLISH concertinas have buttons in 4 columns per side, and only a short thumb strap and metal finger rest on each side. Finally, when you press a button and open the bellows, then push the bellows together, while holding the same button, if you get the same tone it's ENGLISH. If different, it's ANGLO. There are other complecations in identification, but in your case, the pics are an ANGLO. Cheers, Jim
  8. Hi gang, I'm on the verge or ordering a mid-price range Anglo concertina, primarily for playing session type Irish tunes. I've been playing a Rochelle, and before that, a Bastari--both of which use the Wheatstone/Lachenal layout. Before ordering one, however, I was wondering what the pros and cons of the Jeffries layout are versus the Wheatstone. I would appreciate any input on this from experienced Irish session players. If someone can direct me to an earlier discussion in these forums, that would be great. While you're at it, are there any advantages to a G/D as opposed to a C/G for that type of music? I'll be playing at sessions with too many fiddlers, but they all play in the standard keys. Thanks in advance, Jim
  9. Sounds yummie. Is the price in pounds, ounces, or some other currant seas? Jim
  10. I've owned and played both somewhat extensively. Get the Rochelle. You won't regret it.
  11. semaj1950

    Fs Jackie Ec

    Are you the original owner? How long have you had the concertina? Thanks, Jim
  12. There are ,I don't , and why not ? In modern political climate "re-enacting the Civil War" begins to have very straight forward connotation. I'm sure there are some, who wouldn't mind to see it re-enacted en-large and for real. And I can't say I disapprove completely. Here here!!
  13. Music for GHBs IS written in "A" despite their being tuned to something approximating "Bb" Mixolydian--the key signature of which would be "D." Maybe Bob should look into an A/D melodeon, which would give him the notes he needs on only two rows, and opens an entirely different can of worms in another forum.
  14. Perhaps they signal the Mother Ship. This instrument may have been sent here by, as tabloids call them, SPACE ALIENS. They could also cause seizures, or induce hypnotic trances. Best not touch the scary thing.
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