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Cello Suite Prelude on Anglo Concertina

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In hindsight this one was a lot (for me) to bite off. Apparently stringed instruments have a thing called "open G" that makes this smoother 😅. I don't know how well it came off but I did try to mimic some of the dynamics of bowing with bellows switches.

Surprisingly the range fit with only one octave jump up and back down.

As always, constructive feedback appreciated.

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Thank you, Jememy, I enjoyed listening to it! I know the piece would be a challenge for me.


I'm a novice, having only been learning and playing by (and for) myself. I look for a balance between what (I think) the score is telling me I should play, and what I feel I want to play. How do you work with that?

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You mean like in general? Yeah that's definitely a skill to develop over time and honestly for me turning "the dots" of sheet music into sound is still a very slow process. (For any instrument, then bring in bellows directions and the anglo's...uhh...quirky layout and it's a whole new challenge)


For me I also really need to hear the tune to get it into my head as well. For this piece, I frequently referenced a video that had the sheet music scrolling as it played. I would skip around that and play it at half speed to get a sense of the individual notes.


Small chunks. Take it slow. Keep practicing. If there's a deeper secret than that, I don't know it.


Good luck!

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Here's an ABC version played with sampled concertina sounds that will open in my ABC Transcription Tools:

Once loaded you can slow it down by setting the speed percentage on the right side of the player control, or click on the "Tune Trainer" to practice it slowly, looped with increasing speed:


Here's a link to an interactive PDF of the tune:


On this PDF, click the title to open the tune in the tool's Player.

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