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Big list of Anglo layouts

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I recently encountered this too, and ended up going with the ICC layout rather than the standard Jeffries. I play in octaves a lot, and I like that it preserves the "C# octaves are two buttons apart on the push" relationship like a Wheatstone would, though I doubt that's the ICC's main consideration.


(Actually, my dream accidental row would be one where octaves are consistently two buttons apart on the push, like on a Wheatstone, and three buttons apart on the pull, like on a traditional Jeffries, because then it would fully match the pattern on the other two rows. But I suspect that the market for that would be exactly one person, namely me...)

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Hello Luke and all,


My christmas present has been an old "Bandonion" with 52 buttons (104 voices).

I wanted to have a try at the bandoneon because the layout has always been a puzzle to me and I wanted to see if I could understand it... after several hours it remains a puzzle !

I'm not sure if I'll keep it or resell it, but meanwhile I transcribed the layout. Here it is !


https://anglopiano.com/?_90_dBhGiEDLch_150_jiYZtxuwWW._60_AdGHIijkLcfA_150_JjmMntouvv._30_BeegHIJjklgJ_150_lkrPMlONpoSq._50_eCklmNOKFf_160_LLknNmPOqpTsVU._530_KKRRqQsrUTwVQS&title=Bandonion 104 voices

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