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Valve fix

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If the leather is still reasonably supple I've had some success with dragging my fingernail or a small slot-head screw driver blade down the centre of the valve from the glue spot to the tip a few times. I support the underside by sliding a thin shim (usually a single edged razor blade) under the valve, so that I'm not pushing it into the slot.


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To soften them up I sometimes pull them off, soften by manipulating them (rolling up in both directions, gently scraping with a metal blade etc) an d then glue back on. It's quite difficult to get at the valves inside the chamber and only takes a moment to pull off and refit. Or I pull off and glue on a new one. However, this can alter the tuning and alter the reed behaviour if the valve doesn’t open properly or lets in less air etc…so beware. Normally I fit valves before any tuning for this reason.

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