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Seeking old Microvox concertina microphones

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I have been using a Microvox concertina mic unit for 30 years. I liked it for dances and other performances where traditional mics on stands were not so handy. 


Now, it has finally given up the ghost. I don't believe they are made anymore. I have a local repair person who might be able to fix mine but finding parts that will fit in the power supply could be a problem. So if you have one that works or one that does not, I would be interested in buying it from you.

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Hi Jody- I have a Microvox system that I no longer use.  All working as far as I know.  2 pairs of microphones- 1 pair on gooseneck clips  and 1 pair that attach with Velcro, plus cables, mini power supply, balanced output unit and muting DI box  Are you interested in any/all of this?


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1 hour ago, Graham Collicutt said:

Hi Jody




With this and micrvox mikes I was too high a signal, but with some home made copies it works well.



This looks like a much better unit than the Microvox controller - inserting batteries without damaging the internal wiring is tricky.  This unit does not appear to need batteries.

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