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Ground work

Alan Day

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We talked recently about timing which can be done whilst out walking without the concertina.

A further suggestion is to get two sheets of paper and write down against your button layout the key of every note (button ) you have push and pull if it is an Anglo.Left and Right hand.

Get yourself a chord book and work out chord layouts for the buttons you have.

Study the same notes you have but in different direction.

With an Anglo is it possible to play on your concertina a complete scale on the push and on the pull ?

Have you two notes the same on the push or pull in which case playing them alternatively may help you speed up triplets etc by using this method.

All of these suggestions can be done without taking the concertina out of it's box but it will make you a better player.


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Good advice there, Alan. Also with Anglo there is a challenge playing repeating single similar notes very rapidly particularly if you come to semi-quavers or similar, [say upper A notes just above the G on the stave [ and because there is the A note duplicated, on other rows,  I have found it is a bit easier to play this repeated note by jumping the rows now and again] always a compromise. otherwise the little finger has to really reach to play it! 

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