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Sunday’s Well


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Can anyone help me with the chording that Caitlin Nic Gabhann uses on the Anglo concertina when she plays Sunday’s Well? SInce so much of the A part is played with the left hand I’m guessing that the chording must be fairly minimal...just enough to add a little “bottom” to it. I’m pretty new to the instrument so would appreciate any advice about not WHAT chords are being played, but which buttons she might be pressing. 

Many thanks!





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22 hours ago, JackJ said:

Caitlin includes this beautiful tune in her Improvers class at irishconcertinalessons.com, and gets into some of the chording she uses on it. 

Thanks, JackJ. I had access to her Starters lessons earlier this year and came to this tune via other means. I’ll continue to puzzle this one out as I’m not ready yet to launch into the Improvers. Not that I need one, but it’s a great “excuse” to listen to her play it again. 

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Angler......this post won't help your search but I would like to say how much I love some of her compositions and totally get why you want to play this tune which I had not listened to ( thanks !!)

         I have spend much time learning the tune linked below which I just about had under my fingers until the sunny weather came......................

         Roll on Fall and cloudy days !





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