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New Hampshire Fiddle Tunes - with added library of tunes in ABC format

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We don't have a separate ABC 'subject' on concertina.net? I'll stick this here...


I don't think this has been mentioned here before, but there is a new web site dealing

with New Hampshire fiddle tunes. It also includes ABC and PDF downloads for all the


It is fiddle oriented, but it might be of interest to folks here...


It's also possible to download a complete PDF tune book


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What a kind gesture; I have downloaded that PDF copy, which copied over very easily.. as to whether they will work on Anglo I am unsure..but they could do as the technique of bellows and switching of fingering I suppose is close to fiddle technique!.. but they will be nice to keep for reference.

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Thank you Roger and especially thank you Peter Yarensky, the author of this site.


There is a very interesting section on choosing chords that I think is worth a second look:



In particular, the use of (major) II chords in accompanying a tune, something that I had never considered before, actually the whole idea about the freedom to choose from a bigger palette of chords than just the I, IV, V and occasional vi chords.

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