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North Carolina

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Hi Darcy,


You didn't say where you live or what kind of concertina you play. I play anglo and live in Tryon which is about 40 miles South of Asheville. There are a number of players scattered around the state -- but not that many. Let me know what type of concertina you are playing and your location and I'll see if we can't introduce you to someone in your local area.


BTW, in early July, Celtic Week is held as part of the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College near Asheville. The spouse of the college president is named Darcy. Not one and the same? If not, you should know that they have a concertina class lined up for this year and a number of concertina players are usually there -- if not for the classes then for the evening sessions. You might want to check it out.


Best regards,



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Wow, the Swannanoa Gathering is pretty close to where I am (Greenville - technically Greer). It's just a little over an hour away. Of course, Tryon is even closer.

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