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  1. Bleh. I'm in my mid 20s and would attend folk or classical concerts if I could afford to - at this stage in my life I can't. I'm hardly the average, though, as a teen I was playing Grieg in my car, not Nirvana or Eminem or whatever. Of course! From my own observations, goth kids generally like things that are a little out of the ordinary, and Concertinas aren't mainstream popular.
  2. Just out of curiousity, what doesn't pass as a real instrument? I can look over and see my significant other's dusty electric bass and I'm tempted to say it isn't a real instrument, but that's mainly because the poor thing is so ignored.
  3. Ooh. That's enticing me to practice more and more. Which I should be doing anyway.
  4. I have a Jack... #5, I think - there's a big "5" written in marker on the inside of it, so I'm assuming. I'm not at all musically inclined but I can say that it sounds great to me and I'm happy I bought it. The notes are consistent, from what little I've been able to play, anyway and I'm pretty impressed with Concertinas as a whole instead of just being in silent awe and wonderment like I was before. I'm happy to see someone else with one here who has more experience... If anything comes up, would you be bothered if I pestered you about it? Although nothing probably will.
  5. I happen to agree with you, Clive. I hate the idea of destroying a beautiful instrument, but it is an instrument and some people use certain tools and instruments differently than others. This is coming from someone who had to save for a long time just to get a really cheap English, though - so my view may be a bit skewed on the subject. I want to play and have fun doing so - if the position I hold my 'tina in is uncomfortable I won't be having as much fun and would likely end up quitting. If, one day, I end up getting something better - I doubt my attitude towards this will change.
  6. To learn how to play. Preferably something more simple, as I'm still just a lowly newbie. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm on a 30 button english.
  7. Well, Jackies are pitch black. That's a good name for one. Wish I had thought of it!
  8. Wow, the Swannanoa Gathering is pretty close to where I am (Greenville - technically Greer). It's just a little over an hour away. Of course, Tryon is even closer.
  9. I'm in Upstate South Carolina, just a stone's throw away from NC. ;]
  10. I got my English (Jack) yesterday. After tinkering around a bit, I figured out several notes of The Imperial March. You know, to pay homage to my total Star Wars nerdiness. You may all point and laugh, now.
  11. This is starting to remind me of those stupid internet IQ tests. You know, the "If some borks are snorks, and all snorks are dorks, then some borks are definetely dorks." Now turned into: "If some concertina players are women, and some women are beautiful, then all women concertina players are beautiful." I hope nobody's head explodes reading that.
  12. I KNEW IT! I'm DOOOOOOOOMED! Er, like I said I ordered the Jack already, so it should arrive within a month I guess... Thanks for all the welcomeness and whatnot. I'm sure my journey will be long and full of a ton of really bad practice. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions when I get going... Oh, and I updated my profile~!
  13. Hey there. I've been lurking here off and on for a few months now, and I'm a bit nervous about talking here, with all you more experienced players - seeing as you're all going to be more talented than me as I haven't even gotten a Concertina yet... I just wanted to say "Hi" and I'm getting a simple Jack English Concertina and possibly an older Anglo from my uncle that he gave up playing in the 70s (I don't know any details at all about it) if I can get ahold of him again. Basically, at the moment that's all I can afford but I'll definitely get something better depending on how well I do. So, uh, hopefully I can actually learn something and have some fun in the process. I'm very excited, though... :]
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