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2 hours ago, wes williams said:

It is no problem to extract the audio from video recordings. Let me know which recordings you would like posted.

Thank you Wes, well on the Duet recordings page I'd like to post 3 tunes if possible:

Chiquilin de Bachin

Roslin Castle

And this one, Tivoli

Just tell me if you don't find them and in that case I'll send you the links.


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It would be better if you guys could extract the audio from the original recordings.  If you take them from Youtube then the best quality that you usually will get is a 126kbps .m4a file (aac format in an mp4 container) which you would then transcode to an mp3 file which would result in a further loss of quality.  It would not be terrible but Didie's recording set up looks like it could produce much better than that.

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