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Help with getting a reed to d# in Melbourne?

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2 hours ago, larryjhs said:

Hi, one is in Perth, others are in NSW in the hills, there is an accordian guy somewhere. It is a bit country as you know.


If you have a local accordion tuner, they should be at home with the sort of reeds that are in a Norman concertina.


2 hours ago, larryjhs said:

Hey, that's a good thought! But I'd have to play with solder...


It's possible to experiment with reed weighting by putting a little blob of Blu-tack on the tip. If you're happy with the result you could then make the change more permanent with solder.

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21 hours ago, Tradewinds Ted said:


If I understand correctly, the button 1A previously had C#/C# (before removing the solder but now is D/C#) and button 2A is D#/D# ?


Rather than doing any filing of any reeds what about adding the solder back on the reed you removed it from, and then simply swapping the reeds between the two positions to get the more standard Jeffries arrangement of 1A with D#/C# and 2A with C#/D# - if that is what you want.   At least this would be reversible, while filing reeds is not.  I would guess that the C#/C# and D#/D# arrangement as found was likely the result of someone previously swapping reeds. 


My impression is that one commonly does this (swap individual reeds) in concertinas of traditional construction with concertina reeds (Jeffries, Lachenal), but every Norman I've seen uses accordion reeds, so the push/pull pair go together and can't (easily) be separated. Or maybe i'm missing something here? Anyway, good luck with it.



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3 hours ago, kenneads said:

I don't know where you are in Melbourne but there is a great accordion repairer in West Heidelberg. He goes under the name "Captain Accordion"  http://members.optusnet.com.au/~capt.accordion/

He is a really easy bloke to deal with and very helpful.




Thanks, I had seen his name, but there is nothing like a personal recommendation!!

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