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Musik Boehmer at the German Concertina Meeting

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Musik Boehmer and his Concertina from Hell will be playing on Friday, 17th of Mai in Hitzacker, that´s the weekend and the area of the German Concertina Meeting. So if you are interested in Rock, Pop and Blues Concertina and attend the meeting you are very welcome. Since I will not play at the Sunday summit of the meeting, this is a rare ocasion to see and hear live what a Concertina is also capable of.


Here is a short version of my video: https://youtu.be/POUSadOYgcQ

my website: http://www.musikboehmer.de

the location: Kulturbahnhof Hitzacker https://www.kuba-ev.de/


Of course I am also looking forward to seeing you all again in Drawehn!

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3 hours ago, Stefan said:

Of course I am also looking forward to seeing you all again in Drawehn!


So am I - however I'm admittedly not sure about my progress with the Crane up to that point, this being the downside of my enthusiastically playing the ECs at present (which has not always been the case ahead of these meetings all happing in the springtime in recent years).


I'm sure you and your audience in Hitzacker will have a helluva good time!


All the best - ?

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There is a change in the plan: I WILL take part in the Sunday summit and play a few songs there.

Also I´m gonna do a little workshop at the concertina-meeting on Saturday:

I will set up all my stuff (looper, stompbox, guitar-effects) and demonstrate it. You also have the opportunity to play through my setup with your own concertina, so you can hear yourself ROCKING.

Also, if you are interested, we might learn a little rocksong (Do you wanna dance/Ramones version)

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