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How To Help Us Fight Spam

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Hi folks,


Every so often, such as right now, we go through a spell of people trying to use this site to advertise various non-concertina items. Believe me, we do monitor, delete, and take other action against such persons. We have quite a few tools at our disposal. Where possible, I don't use the strongest ones without consulting Paul first, as he is the chief around here. :)


I check the whole site twice a day typically, and Paul stops in most days also. While I appreciate everyone's diligence in reporting spam to me personally, I can get it taken care of faster if I don't have all your emails to go through first. Let me suggest the following.


If you see spam (nearly always it is clearly labelled as not concertina-related),

1) ignore it

2) don't reply in the spam thread. Not discussing it at length in other threads can also help; some of these folks love the attention

3) IF it has been there for more than 24 hours or you have other evidence that we are asleep at the wheel, then by all means do report it to us. Same for extreme situations (extremely negative comments, unappropriate content, etc.).

4) understand that we may not reply to your notice to us individually (sometimes there are quite a few of you)


I have to go to work now, so this is all the time I have.

We are glad you care about this site enough to diligently monitor it for us. Thanks.



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Do we have an example of spam with the recent entry about roulette wheels??

Most certainly. A quick Google search shows essentially the same "question" posted to 7 different forums, with C.net -- and probably many others -- not yet showing in the search.


Almost certainly these posts are by the person who created the web site, trying to direct traffic there. Whether it's an attempt to sell a fraudulent "system" or is directing people to a web site that will try to infect their computer with a virus I can't say, because I refuse to look, in case it's the latter (and also because I don't have time to waste).


I expect Ken will delete the spam, soon. Then people who see the related posts in this thread can wonder what we're talking about. :ph34r:


Tractor wheels, on the other hand.... ;)

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