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Little John

The First Time

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I posted this video a couple of hours ago. It would fit naturally in Videos and Music, but there's a story behind it.


I've noticed in the past that, when I try out a new technique, the first tune I try it on often doesn't properly gel. This is a case in point. I started learning this carol last Christmas (inspired by a fellow concertina player). I realised I needed to use some tenths and elevenths on the left hand, which was new for me. I didn't get it properly sorted. This year I picked it up again. It's getting there but I'm still not confident with it.


However, I realised that I've used this technique in a couple of other tunes during the year, without problem. Somehow having learnt the technique on one tune it has transferred easily to other tunes, but still causes trouble in the first tune I tried it on. Has anyone else experienced this problem?




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Perhaps a somewhat selective finger memory?

I use to experience something similar as you refer, when I learn difficult passages ( whatever the instrument) without the necessary patience, or so much fast.... the result is for these tunes I just " learn the mistakes". But trying the same difficult  passages in different tunes can result in a more clear performing...

A few years ago a fidler told me: " to completely learn a song you have to forget it twice":rolleyes:

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