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Hi all,

My first time posting here! My name is Caitlín Nic Gabhann and I'm a concertina player from Ireland.

I came on here because I've just launched a new website for learning the concertina online and I wanted to let you all know about it!
There's a complete Starter Course on the website now - you can take the lessons any time you want, in your own home. Each lesson features:
-- A video, and audio (both of which you can 'loop' a section for repeating - very handy for when you want to just repeat a particular phrase. Also - these are slow-downable)
-- Staff and ABC notation (which you can download and print)
-- Tips on technique from me (eg: which high D' to use)
-- Notes on the Story behind the tune
and more...
There are also many other features on the website, such as suggested listening, tips if buying a concertina and. a free sample lesson.
Here is the website so you can check it out: www.IrishConcertinaLessons.com - I recommend trying the free lesson to see if it's for you. I plan on adding an Improvers Course and an Advanced Course in 2019. 
Let me know what you think,
Kindest regards,
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Wow - how wonderful to see your post here, Caitlín. I was quite happy to learn you were offering an online course in Irish concertina. I wish I could subscribe but unfortunately I have abysmal internet service where I live currently. Hopefully someday I'll have decent broadband and will be able to watch videos without constant buffering and sign up for your course. But I wanted to respond and let you know that your self-titled album - and especially the song Heartstrings - is why I took up this instrument. Thank you for making such beautiful music - it's a joy to hear you play.

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Hi !
As I just posted on the FB "Concertina are cool" group, I was about to subscribe to the OAIM website when I saw your announcement.
I'm a beginner from France (in an area where Irish sessions are very rare), have a decent Internet connection, and wish to learn a little more "by ear" as well as vary learning sources (for now I use excellent Gary Coover books exclusively).
Your video system seems to me more "modern" compared to the OAIM one. What's more, I don't want to learn another Irish instrument.
Conclusion : I see no reasons to not subscribe to your course instead of the OAIM one. ? Advices are nevertheless very welcome !
Hoping to be your "student" soon !

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Hello Terence, 

I subscribe to both of them (not at the same time ? ).
There are nice tune on both side and no overlap. 
IrishConcertinaLessons is a newborn site and have only access to beginner part, where you’ll learn fingering for each tune (which is great) and eventually an alternative. I personally really like the tune “Fig for a kiss”. The down side is that she does not teach ornamentation at all in beginner section (I think an advance beginner could already start basic ornamentation or double note to emphasis the tune), that was the biggest disappointment for me but no big deal. 


OAIM: You have access to beginner and intermediate, both have lessons going on (and from various teacher) and ornamentation. I don't feel that it is less modern ? (also have mp3, pdf and video). 

At the end both are great, I probably should have wait for the intermediate lessons next year in IrishConcertinaLessons.com.



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