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A Touch Of Clare


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Peter, I don't think I've seen that photo of her.


It's in her kitchen, summer 2001. Done for 'A touch of Clare' but they wanted one of her playing (they hadn't said) so they used one of their own. Shot a roll of 35mm film and a 120 roll, 6x6, window to one side and a a roof light overhead. I had prints of it for sale when I was selling photos through Custy's so you could have seen it there. Still have the box of old stock of that sitting here, slowly weathering/withering in the West Clare dampness.

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I think it was you, Peter, who introduced me to the ITMA and the music files they have available. Do you have any insight on why they might not acquire out-of-print albums? Is it a matter of copyright? Or perhaps they have such albums in their collection, but just not available for listening online?


Apologies if I'm going too far off topic.



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ITMA does have out of print recordings, I think they collect just about anything that becomes available. There are, I would think, copyright and ownership issues though that would prevent them from making all material available online. It is available for listening on site though, both commercial and non commercial/field recordings, as far as I know.


Perhaps a reminder of the Recordings at the Clare Library is in order here. And to blow my own trumpet, if you don't mind, the traditional music photos at Clare library


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