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Cormac Begley's Limited Edition Concertina Album


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Hi all;


Cormac Begley here. My first post on the site for a long time. I hope I'm in the correct area of the site for this. I was advised to post on this site to let you concertina folk all know that I will be releasing my debut album from April 1st in Ireland and that my album available on pre-order from Bandcamp. I have two version of design of the album. One is a limited edition concertina shaped album.


They are both available from here: https://cormacbegley.bandcamp.com/

I've recently posted a video of the limited edition to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cormacbegley/




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Went on-line to his site and discovered that only 30 copies of the limited edition version were going to be available on-line. Mostly the special discs and case were going to be offered in person only at specific events. Got my copy pre-ordered.


Ross Schlabach

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I noticed that concertina shaped photo is William Jeffries'. So rare!


Yes, and being still in high pitch when Cormac got it, and a Jeffries with a radial reedpan, I suggested it was a prime candidate for conversion to a sweet but strong Eb - which is what has been done with it.


But it confirmed something that I've long suspected about these too, in that the levers look like Wheatstone ones in them, and the fretwork has always struck me as looking like a Wheatstone version of the Jeffries design - and this one has C. WHEATSTONE & CO stamps, that are half scratched-out, under the fretwork, inside...


So the woodwork, fretwork, actions and batch number are Wheatstone, with William Jeffries reeds and buttons, and "Mrs. Jeffries" bellows!

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I love my Eb box, a Tidder in old (high) pitch that I had tuned up to Eb! The brass reeds make for nice song accompaniment. I must have watched Cormacs and Cliodhna's version of Bold Dohertys>P Joe Hayes twelve dozen times, slowly learning the tune by playing along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84s5W6Dygfg. I still find myself going back over it again and again, trying to learn that nuanced rhythm. Another nice thing about this version is that it is in the same key as the Niamh Parsons version of the song and yet it is something entirely different.

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