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Jones Concertina To Sell.

Anton darby

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Hullo there fellow members,


I have a Jones Anglo concertina I would like to dispose as it has been sitting there doing nothing for quite a few years now.


It needs quite a bit of work on it, It's not in a regular key (CG, for example), although I can't remember what it is off hand. The bellows would need improving a lot and a couple of the keys (ivory) stick.

Should I just leave it sitting there as an ornament or is it worth trying to sell it to anybody? Is it worth anything at all?


Thank you in advance for your advice.



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Very hard to answer from the description.


  • How many buttons does it have? 20? 26? 30?
  • Are you certain the buttons are Ivory? Bone buttons are FAR more likely, and bone buttons would make selling much simpler across borders, since trade in ivory is restricted. This is an antique, but the regulations are changing, and are therefore haphazardly applied.
  • It would be worth knowing what keys it is in, and whether it is in modern pitch or not. Since you say it isn't Cg then the number of interested buyers may be smaller, but the interest of those few could be quite a bit keener. The same is true of modern vs. original pitch, particularly if original pitch means the reeds haven't been damaged by re-tuning.
  • Bellows can be replaced at a fairly reasonable cost, if indeed they are beyond repair.
  • Sticking buttons may be relatively simple to fix - or they may be complicated, depending on what the cause may be.
  • Much of the value will be determined by the condition of the reeds. If they are rusted, or otherwise damaged that will drop the value.
  • On the other hand if the reeds are good, then even if the mechanics of the instrument were a complete basket case, it would still carry some significant value as a source of replacement reeds for someone else's Jones.

Are you interested in playing? or just looking to see if it is worth selling? I have a 26 button Jones, and it has a very nice tone. Perhaps not as fast as some, but a very nice instrument. So if yours can be fixed it should be worth it.

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Hi Anton,

yes, I agree with Tradewinds Ted's post.

Jones are nice concertinas. It's worth selling, even as scrap.

The buttons are not likely to be ivory, they are most probably bone.

Do give more details, as Ted said. Number and layout of the buttons is important. Take the ends off and inspect the reeds.

Are the reed tongues steel or brass. Are they in good condition, or badly rusted?


Photos are the best bet to describe it.

If you want to find out the keys, pm me and I'll show you how.

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Thanks very much for your replies. I will get back in a few days with more information and perhaps some pictures. You are probably right that the keys are made of bone. I had an accordion repairer adjust the air button for me many years ago. I think the reeds are steel and they did not seem to be rusted as they all seem to play OK, not madly out of tune or anything. Thanks, I know how to find out the key. I actually played it for a while but they key was not group friendly. I also played a three-row Hohner corona accordion for quite a while (diatonic), which I bought new. I would like to sellthat as well if anybody knows what I can expect to get for that! I am going back to my original instruments (which I have gave up for 10 years until recently) and mandolin. My idea is to buy a Gibson guitar if I can. I have a beautiful vintage Gibson mandolin.



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