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Love In A Village (Thoumire & Milligan)

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I'm looking at the impressive concert by Thoumire & Milligan:



There's a triple of songs starting at 7:48 in the concert:
"The bonny lass of Fisherrow", "Love in a Village" and "The Ballachulish walkabout".


I'm not really finding much information about the "Love in a Village" except

for an opera:


Is that piece from that opera? Anyone have any more information?

Thanks in advance,


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Folk Tune finder is not a forum but often helpful.


Is this the tune?



T:Love in a Village
S:Petrie's Third Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances &c.
Z:Steve Wyrick , 7/30/05
N:Petrie's Third Collection, page 12
B|GGGG (B/c/d) BG|GGGG F/G/A FD|GGGG (B/c/d) BG|ceAc BGG::f|
gggd (B/c/d) BG|gggG (F/G/A) FD|gggd (F/c/d) BG|ceAc BGG:|]


Or perhaps this one?



T:Love in a Village
B:Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, vol. 2 (London, 1765)
Z:Transcribed and edited by Flynn Titford-Mock, 2007
Z:abc's:AK/Fiddler's Companion
K:G>AB>c | d B2 e | dBAG | F D2 F | GABc | d B2 {cd}e | dcBA | {A}G4 :|
|: G>AB>c | (dAB>c | (dB)(ge) | bdcB | "tr"B2 A2 |
G>AB>c | d B2 e | dBAG | F D2 F | GABc | d B2 {cd}e | dcBA | {A}G4 :||

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It was one of the hit numbers from Arne's opera. You find tunes from it copied in lots of books and manuscripts in the late 18th century. The version Thoumire is playing was probably filtered through Neil Stewart's 1761 collection. It's sometimes titled "Village Reel". Seems to be a relative of the original Hawick version of "Teribus".


Arne was a pretty poor composer but even he didn't deserve what they do to his tune in that video. Milligan's random bashing is atrocious.

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@Jack Campin: You think Milligan is bad in the whole concert or just on this bit?
I really like what he does and his bashing is hardly "random". I also like the

interaction between the players, they really seem to be having fun.



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Hi psmooze


I"'m looking at the impressive concert by Thoumire & Milligan:



The unison playing at 8:44 is fine. Then come the thirds as expected...


I did hear some playing approaching "bashing" around 930, but...


Then Simon trumps Milligen with his own jazzy licks, and all is set right. That's my play-by-play of just this short set in a long and masterful performance. The next tune employs a sensitive vibrato in Simon's playing. Some day I'll listen to the rest and be truly impressed. Great playing here, both in the conception, and the details, the partnering and coordination... can't wait to hear it all.


So... Jack, I am curious about the parts you think go too far. T&M certainly do stretch things a bit into the jazz world but my sensitive ear likes it all, so far.

Edited by Jody Kruskal
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Milligan's random bashing is atrocious.


I think if you listen to T&M expecting to agree with everything you hear, you're making a far bigger error of judgement than Milligan!

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Hey guys, sorry I missed this. I can't remember the book but possibly the one that Jack mentioned. We also got the first tune in the set - Bonny Lass of Fisherrow - from there as well. Love in a Village is a strange tune and its really interesting to read the info above.


Re bashing - you can say that about me all you like Jack - can't beat a good bash! Dave Milligan though is one of the most beautiful and lyrical musicians I've ever played wth. He can do anything and also likes a good bash! You can hear him her on a track on soundcloud I upload which has over 400,000 streams (not my usual upload popularity!)



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