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60 Button Ec


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Can anyone tell me the possible range of a 60 button EC advertised as an extended treble, and any pit falls a novice like myself may encounter buying one over a 48 button model, many thanks for any advice, Vin

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The 60 button EC that was on UK ebay last week ( possibly still there this week but I cannot view it from the continent) has the range of a 48 treble but the keyboard continues upwards from the top C untill it reaches an A.


Normally a 56 Treble extended goes to G and lacks the G# and the Eb on the Right side but the 60 key will have those two notes plus the Ab and A on the Left side.


No pitfalls other than a small amount of extra weight and a few very delicate reeds to tune when necessary. The reach to these highest notes for the fingers can be a stretch .


Usually these extended upwards Trebles are not larger than a standard 48, but that can mean the reeds are fitted in narrower chambers which might affect the tone.

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I asked the seller that question, given that an extended treble usually has 56 keys. He replied:


Hello - the range of the concertina, as I have outlined in the description, is the basic 48 button system, with the lowest note being G and the extra buttons above the scale only (NOT extended below into the tenor range). Apart from the very highest notes, the concertina is in concert pitch.


He hasn't posted my question or his reply.

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