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  1. Selling Wheatstone Maccann Duet 60 button plus air S/N 26369 dating from 1st may 1914, it is six sided and measures 7 ¾” across the flats I bought this from Chris Algar at concertinas in 2017 for £2500 to learn alongside my EC (which by the way I am also terrible at) it rarely gets picked up now which is a real shame so it is for sale and I am looking for £2000 which I think is a fair price, its in very good condition with nickel ends and eight fold bellows with the original leather case anyone close enough to Doncaster is very welcome to come along and have a play, I will try to upload photos but who knows how that will turn out , meanwhile I will be happy to try and answer any questions you may have, Vin
  2. can someone tell me where i can get a set of bellows for my EC i have fitted (last year) a set i bought but they are very stiff, i think they were probably made with an Anglo in mind unfortunately at the time i didn't realize there was a difference but i think i would like to bite the bullet and change them for a lighter set,
  3. why am i all of a sudden seeing pop up advertisements tagged on to the bottom of some posts
  4. Can someone give me a little help please, I have a 61 button maccann duet and I have just about learned Andy cuttings “the Abbess” on the right hand, I would love to add a little ornamentation on the left unfortunately I have very little musical knowledge and everything i try just sounds off so if anyone could offer some practical advice I would be very grateful, thank you in anticipation, Vin
  5. it was actually the very first tune, Tradewind hornpipe, i Probably should have made it clear from the start sorry about that but it is nice to see that people on the forum will all always take the time to help when you ask, thank you.
  6. No its still there, but im sure that if you go to you tube and search " Thanks Ralph Jordan" it will take you there.
  7. I have just come across a tune played on concertina on a YouTube tribute to Ralph Jordan, i think you will find it if you copy and past the link below, im hoping some one can let me know what the tune is, many thanks, Vin THANKS, RALPH JORDAN - YouTube
  8. As a novice i'm hoping that someone may offer a little advice on the way forward with my maccann duet, one of the things i'm unsure of is weather i should try and play the whole of the melody on the right hand side leaving the left side free for any chords etc or should i mix left and right if its easy er to play the melody that way and try to fit anything else around it, or do i try to do both depending on the tune that i'm trying to learn. i dont want to get into bad habits if i can help it. i'm am sorry if this sounds like a silly question to some but as i said i am novice, thank you in advance for any input, Vin.
  9. Can anyone help me to put some chords to "Danny Deever" id like to have a go at song accompaniment and I love the song but being a learner (Maccann Duet) im not to good at deciding which chords suit, I tend to sing around the key of D so any help in adding chords would be very welcome, thank you in advance for any help. Vin
  10. I found down loading and printing to be fine and also really easy to re size, I printed several of varying size and then laminated them (which adds a little rigidity) before cutting them out leaving enough of the laminating material around the edge to apply the glue which It does without staining the paper, I think they actualy look better printed one off white paper but that's just my opinion, good luck
  11. I have a 32 button Lachenal Anglo in CG bought from hobgoblin music in Leeds almost 2 years ago at a cost of £1600, it has nice wooden ends and bone buttons and is in concert pitch, it is in good condition with 6 fold bellows and the two extra buttons give F in / C# out on the left and a high C in / E out on the right. I would like to trade it for a nice 57 button maccann or 55 button Crane Duet in concert pitch, I don't mind adding cash to the trade to make up any value difference, please let me know if there is any interest, thank you, vin.
  12. I have just started to try easy abc I have no problem listing a title in the left hand box but it does not save the list on closing, I have tried saving it before closing with no success although the title is still saved in my documents file, am I doing something wrong, I cant believe I have to re populate the list each time I use the program, thanks in advance for any advice
  13. VIN

    Xmas Tunes

    I wish all music was written that way, it would make things a lot easier for people like me,(music dummies), looks a little like a cross over with ABC natation
  14. may be you typed "squeeze Box" into a search engine !!.....sorry
  15. Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of some strips of skived leather to repair the outside edges of the bellows please, im also looking for a supplier of valves and pads for a planned refurbishment, I would be very grateful for any information.
  16. Thank you for the link that's just the kind of thing I was looking for.
  17. Can anyone tell me where I might find some songs in ABC notation with lyrics, coming from the sing around side of folk music and also being a novice player I need to be playing something that I already know the melody of in my head so I know if im on the right track with ABC most of the stuff I come across seems to be just music witch would be fine if I new the tune but mostly I don't, I hope that makes sense to someone, thank you in advance for any help.
  18. Speaking as a novice I have to say a big thank you!, this is exactly the type of thing that helps us beginners start to understand the EC a little more, if you have done anything else along the same easy going lines I for one would be very happy to see it, Ta very much, Vin.
  19. I used an ultrasonic cleaner, the type that Aldi sell for cleaning jewellery and the like you can just use water or add just a little washing up liquid it worked well for me, I think when I did mine Aldi didn't have any available so I bought a second hand one from ebay for about £10, good luck Vin
  20. Thank you for your reply, I am replacing a four fold bellows on a student box that I bought quite cheaply with a six fold that I have ordered from eBay, it may sound daft but being a comparative novice im really doing this to see what kind of job I can make of it and what sort of quality the afore said bellows are before i consider buying another set to replace the rather stiff five fold bellows that are on a nice lachenal new model that i paid what I consider to be a lot for. The reason that I would like to remove the existing bellows if possible without to much damage is that they would seem to be in quite good condition, and you never know!!!, bet you wished you never asked but if you have any ideas i would appreciate it
  21. What's the best method of removing the existing bellows from the frames, preferably without causing damage, any advice would be gratefully accepted. thank you, Vin
  22. I'm hoping that someone will offer me some advice, I recently bought Lachenal English treble, dating I believe, to the mid twenty's, I like it very much but I'm finding the bellows very hard work. I have left them hanging overnight with some weight suspended from the bottom on several occasions but they still seem to want to pull back in. I'm sure its slowing my already very slow progress and is certainly spoiling my fun. It's a very nice concertina but I find that I keep picking up the student model that I bought as a starter. I have read on the concertina connection site that English and Anglo bellows are different to each other in as much as the English in thinner and more supple and if this in the case I am wondering if I may have a set of Anglo bellows fitted to my box. I very much want to use and enjoy my concertina so if it means having new bellows fitted so be it but who can I go to for a good job and also is it worth fittings six or even seven fold bellows? I have uploaded a couple of photos, one with the concertinas side by side for comparison and I would really appreciate members opinions.
  23. If you Google "George case concertina label" you will get a picture of one that you can edit and size yourself, I have done it with lachenal then laminated it and stuck it it the little window and it looks fine, I have also blown it up to almost A4 size and had it printed on a t shirt (yes it is sad), Vin
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