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Playford Volume 2 And A Hint Of Volume 3

Pete Dunk

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Great effort Pete, thanks a lot!


Remark: Holding the dots against those I already knew from one of my favourites I'm stumbling straightaway over a minor deviation (in the - mixolydian, as for me - B music) which sort of puzzles me as to why it might have happend:




as opposed to




Not important, but as I said, puzzling.


Best wishes - Wolf

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Hi Wolf, I can see that the first note should be f not d, is there anything else? If not I'll report this error to Chris P and it will be corrected!

Sorry Pete, didn't want to keep you busy with trying to spot what I was talking about..., and if it's a mistake I'd of course be inclined to report it myself (as I did with another one some weeks ago) but I wasn't sure whether this would in fact be a mistake rather than two versions as given in different editions...


Best wishes - Wolf


edited to delete (resp. replace) a phrase translated from German but - as it turned out - not established with the English tongue...


and yes, it's just the "d" in place of the "f(#)".

Edited by blue eyed sailor
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Hi Chuck,


I've added the ABC files to the Box folder with the PDFs in. The PDFs were exported directly from ABC Explorer and as far as I'm aware no format files are created in the process. Perhaps it's best if you simply produce your own indexed PDFs and I'll adopt those! I'm looking forward to the omnibus edition!

Thanks Pete. I'll try to get the indexes made tomorrow. Incipits from EasyABC? I'll.look into shrinking the number of pages. If I have access to putting this on your box pages I'll do that. If not I'll email to you!

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Hi Chuck, I tried halving the number of pages by having two columns per page of only two bars per tune but the font size can't be changed and some of the longer titles ran into each other!


I'll try and share a folder in my box with you and send a link.



Edit: Box folder now shared, check your email inbox. :)

Edited by Pete Dunk
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I'm tempted to create an incipits PDF so that may be in there too by the time you read this!

Any chance I could 'borrow' the Incipits abc layout please, in the hopes that I can wean myself of the dots and get tunes into my fingers instead via the prompt of a couple of bars.


All the Manx tunes are now on my site http://www.mannincloud.infoin abc format, if anyone wants to take a look.




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